Yep. Doing this again. Because I have more new babes that needs names. 

If you suggest a name that I end up using, I'll design you an outfit like this



- Please understand that I'm dyslexic, so some names I won't actually be able to read.

- Don't suggest super common names please (i.e: Jeff, Jill, Henry, ect...)

- Please don't suggest names just based on their appearance. 

NOTE: The two wishfuls are twins, so you're welcome to suggest matching names for them.




Thanks everyone <3 he looks like a damien or demitri (i like his design btw) kinda looks like his name would be sybil or something more on the feminine side

kyereu Already have a Damion actually >w<
Not sure about the others but thank you for the sugestions. 

I thought this one looked like a Selenia. I also thought this one looked a bit like a Diane, but if you think that's too common of a name I'd understand why. I also this would go well with the name Bodhi! If I think of more I'll be sure to tell you.

Tak0yama I like the name Bodhi, but I don't know if I like it for him.
Can't use the others though cause I know a Diane in real life and already have a character named Selenia, but thank you.

For the wishfuls I'd suggest Taywo and Kehinde. They should mean "firstborn" and "secondborn" in Nigerian and be a common name to give to twins.

Cliodna Those are super cute names and a really fun idea but would be way too random inside what the others in their family are named (Dayton, Louise, and Cash). But thank you for the suggestion. could be named forneus? if im getting it right it's a demon in christian theology

the licker could be called cobalt?

prospitdreamer already have a Cobalt, but thank you for the sugestion <3
Not sure how I feel about the other name simply because I don't think I could ever pronouce it correctly. But thank you~