Weekly "show me a character" [W34]

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NEW: Want to suggest a theme? Feel free to DM me! I try to avoid posting themes that have had several threads already made for them and I also try to keep things general so the thread won't die (show me a character with blue-red-orange hair vs show me a character with two or more colors in their hair) but I'll try my best to get everyone's suggestions here!

I have been thinking of making a thread like this for a while now, and since we're still at the beginning of the week I figured I should do one now! Basically this sort of combines the "show me a character who" thread and the general concept of "show off your characters who are X" threads into one that changes weekly, so it should give people plenty of chances to participate. The point of this thread is also not to nullify the already existing ones, people are more than free to make more of those and I super support them! 

I'll post a new prompt each week both on this starter thread and on comment section! Feel free to post multiple characters or combine all into one post - whichever feels the best for you. 

Week 34: Show me your nervous characters!

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Shouichi & Minori (Minori) Verose

Minori is probably the most nervous character I have;; After becoming an angel after her death, normal people don't really see/notice her presence anymore-- it makes it easier for her to not have to deal with others, but when she's in large crowds outdoors she easily forgets that she's no longer noticeable to others and often frantically apologizes to other people for bumping into them or something, even if the other party can't hear or see her ;;"

Polar Rose moryonenn

Polar Rose is so nervous they moved to a town populated by nocturnal bat ponies just so they didn't have to see anyone.

Iolene FuuMiku

Ah ptsd there you are, Iolene was wondering where you went for a sec there

Hemi Eketone FellowPigeon

I have a few that could suit this, but my most nervous character would be Hemi. His dad is very protective and a bit overbearing so he's grown up pretty sheltered. His friends, on the other hand, are very adventurous, (being a group of child mystery solvers) so Hemi does find himself it challenging scenarios more often than he would prefer. Luckily Hemi balances them out quite well and stops them from doing anything too dangerous.  

HoloAI toontastyc

She's very nervous

Haze AeroHail

Haze is a smol nervous bby!

Jessie AeroHail

Jessie has all the anxiety!

Dragon PicklePantry

He's just so darn shy and nervous 

Willow-Fern Laurel Delaney sequoia

She prefers plants over humans

Thatcher Welch corncob

thatcher is beyond nervous lmao... poor thing. he's getting a little better though

Masato Waruguchi Leviticus

It's hard not to be nervous when at any given moment the secondary mouth you have on your throat might take over and eat someone.

Errorface Jade-Everstone

He's had a lot of bad run-ins with people being scared of and/or attacking him, his world's unpredictable at times, and all that aside he's antsy by nature it's a given he's a shy stressball

Moon SoulLugia11

Moon can get extremely nervous, as he is constantly watching out for danger, and his danger signals can get to be very powerful and overwhelming. What makes it worse is that he was never able to get proper training on how to control it, since he's never known anyone else who can do what he does.

Lucas is also a very nervous and even shy person, especially when it comes to the crush he has on his childhood friend! >v<

Exodus Torrent TheLadyAnatola

He’s always very jumpy and pretty paranoid about anything bad happening at any given time. Careful not to sneak up on him. ^^;