Weekly "show me a character" [W16]

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I have been thinking of making a thread like this for a while now, and since we're still at the beginning of the week I figured I should do one now! Basically this sort of combines the "show me a character who" thread and the general concept of "show off your characters who are X" threads into one that changes weekly, so it should give people plenty of chances to participate. The point of this thread is also not to nullify the already existing ones, people are more than free to make more of those and I super support them! 

I'll post a new prompt each week both on this starter thread and on comment section! Feel free to post multiple characters or combine all into one post - whichever feels the best for you. 

Week 16: Show me a character who can turn into an animal!

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Fae Prisma

Fae can transform into an owl, She mostly uses this form to hunt!

Finch Sourdoe

This boys being made into a shape shifter with multiple forms! But the main thing he turns into is a winged deer, pic of both forms in his profile! :D

-unknown- Katokee TheLadyAnatola

This boyo here can turn into a wolf. :3

Boris SoulLugia11

Boris here can transform into a wolf, with him being a werewolf and all! I also have some others that can transform into animals:

Altair can turn into an ice dragon! Technically he's already one, but he mainly remains in his humanoid form.

Arlo can shift into a small fire elemental salamander with dragonfly wings if that counts XD

Not sure if this counts, but when Benjamin traverses into an alternate dimension called Vivilion, he turns into a bat. It's not really shapeshifting since he can't change back into a human at will in Vivilion until he goes back to the Earthen dimension he first came from (which is just Earth), but I wanted to mention him, so there you go XD

Fang can shift into a domestic black cat.

Hokori can transform into a wolf, as well as a bipedal wolf (he has the properties of a werewolf).

Luke can shift into a full-on dragon due to him being half-dragon.

Roxanne can turn into a wyvern.

Thalia can turn into a velociraptor (but not like the actual raptors; it's more like the raptors from Jurassic Park/World)