Show me your DanganRonpa OC's!

Posted 10 months, 25 days ago (Edited 10 months, 24 days ago) by Miyuki Noto Princesse-Meduses

Post IC so I can check out your talented babies! DR is one of my passions, so I'd love to see what people have out here!

Chiruka Igarashi Cryingbluebear

Oof Heres my Ultimate Gangleader Who is convinced she's a demon.

park ranger Princesse-Meduses

my ult park ranger! he's an asshole and calls his parents by their first names

Amadeo Castillo Princesse-Meduses

he's my synchronized swimmer :0

Lara Tick

New Danganronpa character!!
She's the SHSL/Ultimate Organist :3

((Her design might change but whatever))

Momoki Alcor

My good boy is the SHSL Catsitter <3

Leopold Tinycat000

Ultimate stage manager :'D

I also have a DR folder but none of my other characters have sprites yet


Tinycat000 omg! your sprites are lovely!


Princesse-Meduses Thanks! :')