Galaxy Dust Market

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Welcome to the galaxy dust market

Browse through the items up for sale.

Look at our exchange rating and deposit the GD you made with art and literature.

Transfer or gift your goods to another user.

Helps you with GD calculator for art and literature.

Look at your Inventory on our google sheet.

Hi there! Looking to buy, sell, or browse? Just let me know! Vulperia

Items available for sale
Regular MYO Ticket 50 GD

Make your own ticket for one common Aestrolos.
Expire [2 months after purchase]
Shop Inventory [10/10]
Unique MYO Ticket 100 GD

MYO ticket for one Aestrolos with up to 4 Unique Traits.
Expire [2 months after purchase]
Shop Inventory [10/10]
Unlimited Unique MYO Ticket 250 GD

MYO ticket for one Aestrolos with Unlimited Unique Traits.
Expire [2 months after purchase]
Shop Inventory [8/8]
Mythical MYO Ticket 1000 GD

MYO ticket for one Aestrolos with Unlimited Unique and 2 Mythical Traits.
Expire [3 months after purchase]
Shop Inventory [5/5]
Unique Potion 20 GD

Add one Unique Trait to an Aestrolos.
Expire [none]
Shop Inventory [none]
Mythical Potion 400 GD

Add one Mythical Trait to an Aestrolos.
Expire [none]
Shop Inventory [3/3]
Cross Breed Potion 200 GD

Allows an Aestrolos to become a crossbreed. This Potion will allow any required traits from another CS.
Expire [none]
Shop Inventory [none]
Redesign Potion 40 GD

Completely redesign an Aestrolos, redesign doesn't upgrade the rarity.
Expire [NA
Shop Inventory [Unlimited]
Inventory Upgrade 15 GD

Add 1 Inventory slot (Default is 5). You cannot purchase items if the inventory is full.
Expire [none]
Shop Inventory [Unlimited]
Emote Slot 5 GD

Add one of your emote to our Discord Server, Server booster get 2 free slots.
Expire [none]
Shop Inventory [Available until Server Slots are full]

Just fill out this form while I go get your items! Vulperia

Username :
Current GD : (How many GD do you have?)
Buying : (The item you wish to buy)
Total : (The total cost of your items)
Literature Rating
Headcanon An idea, belief, or aspect of a story writted down as a note. 1 GD per 100 Words
Script RP Roleplay without details
For example: Somnia: *takes out her purse* I have plenty of GD in here! *smiles*
1 GD per 100 Words
Literate RP Roleplay with a paragraph form.
For example: With one swift movement, Somnia takes her purse out of hidding.
Where did she hid it? It's like she summoned it out of thin air!
"I have plenty of GD in here!" she smiles and shakes her purse infront of you.
4 GD per 100 Words
Novel A story fully written with several paragraphs.
Novels are descriptive and mostly have decorative wordings.
4 GD per 100 Words
Art Rating
STYLE RATING Bust Up Half Body Full Body BU/HB Chibi FB Chibi
Sketch 1 GD 2 GD 3 GD 1 GD 2 GD
Colored Sketch 2 GD 4 GD 5 GD 2 GD 4 GD
Line Art 3 GD 5 GD 7 GD 2.5 GD 5 GD
Flatcolor 4 GD 6 GD 8 GD 3 GD 6 GD
Shaded 6 GD 8 GD 10 GD 4 GD 8 GD
Rendered Artwork 10 GD 15 GD 20 GD 8 GD 16 GD
NPCs When drawing NPCs you will get x1.25 multiplier to your total GD summary! GD x 1.25
Simple Background Pattern / Abstracted Background
or multiple floating objects Background
17647852_fwO.jpg 2 GD
Medium Background Props Background
Must include grounding props and objects
(Focus are on the character)
24774192_RK1D70m2q7VYhVG.gif 7 GD
Complex Background Complete scene with atmosphere, lighting, depth and clear objects, most likely rendered
(Focus on the background)
17902364_eaLuypVmdtyv0vI.jpg?1576057135 15 GD
Simple Animation Contains a small amount of animation, and are overall unchanging.
Example: Blinking, floating
5141538?1574015753 4 GD
Medium Animation Contains a medium amount of unique information
Example: One moving body part, expression change, floating hair
5105907?1589963979 10 GD
Complex Animation Contains a large amount of animation
Example: long animation, Walking, doing an activity, etc.
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Submitting are we? Let’s get this form filled out and I’ll take a look! Vulperia

Username :
Work : (Link to the work you did)
Calculation : (How many GD you earned)

You can transfer or "gift" your GD or items to any aestrolos members.
If you have any queries please comment below or ask in our discord channel!

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