Aestrolos Terms and Rules

last updated: April 2023

General Rules

0.0 - Please note that by owning an Aestrolos you have read and agreed to follow our Rules and its updates
— Small changes to the Terms and Rules will be done without prior notice, big changes however will be announced on our group
0.1 - To enforce a safe and fun eviroment in the communtity we ask you to please be nice and respect your fellow Aestrolos members as well as Aestrolos staff

0.2 - Aestrolos is an 18+ CS world and server; as such, only accounts with verified ages will gain access to our Toyhouse World or Discord Server.

1. Credit

1.1 - Aestrolos is a closed species owned by AtomicHush and created by Luzuri
— Do not copy, reference or claim this species, or it's resources as your own
1.2 - Only Official Designer and Guest Artist have permission to create Aestrolos adoptables
— Do not create an Aestrolos withou a MYO ticket — Do not create, sell or buy unofficial Aestrolos design
1.3 - The ceator credit may go to Luzuri (although this is not required), but you must credit the designer
— On MYO ticket the designer credit goes to you or the artist you commissioned for a custom

2. Aestrolos Ownership

2.1 - Aestrolos owner can choose name, story and personality for their Aestrolos

2.2 - Aestrolos owner my make minimal change to an existing Aestrolos
— Do not entirely change the design without a redesign ticket
2.3 - Co-own is not encouraged

2.4 - As long as you own an Aestrolos, you must be a member of our Toyhouse world or Discord Server

2.5 - If you decide to leave our group we will revoke your right to Aestrolos and ask you to remove the Aestrolos Traits on your design

3. Retiring from Aestrolos

3.1 - We allow you to have an Alternate Universe of your Aestrolos, you do not need to retire your Aestrolos in this case
— AU of your Aestrolos may not have Aestrolos Traits
3.2 - When retiring Aestrolos, you must remove Aestrolos Traits (in normal case it is the galaxy ring and galaxy tail)
— Please contact our Admin for retirement, the admin will remove your Aestrolos after the removal of Aestrolos traits have been proved.

4. Make Your Own Guideline

4.1 - Always keep your MYO ticket, screenshot is recommended or you can check it in our MYO Ticket Tracker

4.2 - Only members of the community can own Aestrolos and MYO Tickets
— If you are not interested in joining, please do not claim a MYO ticket
4.3 - You may only sell your MYO for what you paid for it
— If you get a free MYO, the said MYO can only be gifted/traded
4.4 - You must have your MYO design approved by an admin for the Aestrolos to be approved
— You can send in a colored sketch for the approval phase
4.5 - You can submit your Aestrolos on the Masterlist for the Aestrolos are considered official
— Only official Aestrolos is eligible for trading/selling/gifting
4.6 - Most MYO have deadlines, but you can ask for extension anytime
— If we haven't heard from you within the given time, your MYO ticket will become invalid

5. Trading / Gifting / Reselling

5.1 - Your Aestrolos must be on the masterlist before it is eligible for trading/selling/gifting

5.2 - The new owner must agree to our rules and join either our Toyhouse world or DeviantArt group
— You must inform the new owner about our rules
5.3 - Free Aestrolos and MYOs can only be gifted and traded unless you paid money for commissions
— Art that you drew yourself doesn't count, unfortunately

6. Penalty

6.1 - If you violate our rule, you will first be warned
— If you don't accept or follow our warning, your right to Aestrolos will be revoked with notice and you will be banned from our community
6.2 - You will receive a maximum 3 warnings, if you violate any other rule afterwards, you will be banned and your right to Aestrolos will be revoked with notice

6.3 - If you have caused serious harm to our community or are harming our community and community members, you will be banned without a warning

6.4 - Warnings and Bans will be noted in our Blacklist

6.5 - Currently there is no way dispute your ban

Abbreviation Help

AES / Æ / æ = Aestrolos
GD = Galaxy Dust | Aestrolos CS currency

CS = Closed Species

MYO = Make Your Own
DTA = Draw To Adopt
WTA = Write To Adopt
DTE = Draw To Enter
WTE = Write To Enter

SB = Starting Bid
MI = Minimun Increase of the Bid
AB = Auto Buy