Beta version 1.8.2 (2023/04/18)

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I've created a new subdomain for beta testing so it should give you fresh localStorage to work with!

1.8.2 (18 March 2023): Adds code formatter feature by Venfaaniik (curly brackets button), new UI on/off toggles for line numbers, autocomplete, and colorpicker (the last one needs testing the most). Under-the-hood changes in how cache busting works, and a broad restructure of the code. I've also attempted to fix the text area sizing issues, and squashed a couple of bugs that were reported recently. Import from Toyhouse feature hasn't been tested in this version because it doesn't work from a local server, would be great for someone to take a look at this.


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Hi! Played around with it for a little bit. The UI options look great! I haven't messed with the import feature yet because it looks like I'll need to add in a line of code to make my profiles work, I'm assuming since I have the soft maturity block on. But I was able to discover a particular quirk with the color picker tool.

So, it works great if any color codes are written with lowercase letters (if applicable). Otherwise... nothing will be highlighted. If you manually retype the same code, whether with capital letters or not, the color picker works as usual. Replacing the existing code with the same but lowercase will also fix it. It's worked with the Search+Replace feature this way for me, too. (And since I haven't tried the import feature, I don't know if this little quirk happens with that too, or just when you copy+paste the code over. Also, I only use HTML, and not CSS, so I'm not sure if it's a problem with that either).

Example of a copypasted code not highlighting color codes with capital letters
Example of using Search+Replace fixing it by swapping the capital letters for lowercase


Thanks for testing it! I thought I had figured out the capital letters issue but I will go back and take a look again. The color picker extension was pretty buggy when we found it and has been needing a lot of fixes 😅

It seems fine with capital letters in the CSS!

And, the soft block would do it - the TH editor can't see profiles that have a warning over them because it has no way to "click" the accept button and reveal the profile to import it atm. Will see if there are workarounds.


Thanks for the build!

I tested the Import from Toyhouse! It works perfectly! The HTML format adds to CSS automatically as long as you put it in the correct import section. From the looks of it, there is no coding error! Document wise, it can be a little bugged. If you download the code directly from the local server, it worked fine for me. There could be another underlying issue!


I see, could you explain the issue with the HTML format adding to the CSS? With a screen capture if you can send me one!


Ty for the build! I’ve played around abit with the coding and so far everything has been running smoothly, the only bug I’ve received is a text pop up not leaving once the mouse moves from the icon, aside from that it works perfectly fine!


I've been having an issue where if I toggle off auto update the update preview button isn't working! Not sure if this is a My Specific Browser thing, I'm going to keep working on this profile on a couple other devices too. So far, really love the color picker though - no problems with it specifically!


Thanks for mentioning this - I found the cause of the issue and have updated the main version of the code editor to fix this!


Oh awesome! Thanks so much for all your hard work on this c: Your editor is the only thing that gives me the strength to deal with coding haha.