Find a voice for the character above you!

Posted 2 years, 4 months ago (Edited 1 year, 11 months ago) by Yorick retroleum

Okay, I thought this might be a fun forum game. Or not. I dunno.

So what you're gonna do is post IC and choose a voice from a show/movie/cartoon/anime/video game, etc. you think the character posted above you would sound like! You can base this entirely just off their design, or read up on their personality if there's a big description and kinda go from there [although, if they already have a voice match descripted don't read it just come up with your own, at least just based on the design in that case]. It's up to you! Try to link to a clip of the voice too, on youtube or something and link it in your post.

So for example I'll share that I imagine my character Priscilla to sound like Android 18 from Dragon Ball Z Abridged! Like, pretty much exactly. It's scary.

It doesn't have to be exact of course, just pick something you think would fit. I love voice matching my characters so I personally think this would be fun :0c

Anyway have at it have fun!


From just seeing his appearance, my first impression was that Yorick might sound a bit like Ignis from FFXV!

Hisa erratictransparency

Kairi from Kingdom Hearts! :D



I think she'd sound like the FIRST sample Sawashiro Miyuki gives after saying here name [here] !


Chantelle FaroreSolageo

nixion from the danger dolan channel

Kiri ethanol

The first thing I pictured from looking at her is Britney Spears and now I can't think of anything else, ahaha


Totally picture Nika Futterman for Kiri. She does a super great younger voice.

Caleb Zimi

I can just hear Liam Neeson's voice for Dawson! X


 FTGYHUJIK uhhh???? scootaloo from MLP:FIM?


OCC Zimi HA that's fantastic, I love that suggestion. 

Nikola and Pepsi Jutta

@cr4n Maybe Peter from here but French?

Jaewo goldenDiscord

Jutta hmm I believe something similar to the English dub voice for Izzy on Digimon. 

Zara varkarrus


Jaewo sounds like Koichi Hirose to me

Nikola and Pepsi Jutta



Dimitri retroleum


I was thinking Nikola might sound like a yell-ier, angrier version of Spyro?