What age do you think the above user is?

Posted 1 year, 4 months ago (Edited 1 year, 1 month ago) by Judas-la-Carotte

Pretty much what is says on the tin! Basically it's What age do you think the above OC is? but OOC.

You can make assumptions based on pretty much what you want, the user's icon, their characters (and their average age, sometimes it's a clue!), their way of writing, idk

Just don't cheat (by looking at the above user's profile unless they say it's okay to, or by looking at the previous replies, for example), and please stay respectful when giving an explanation!

To keep this thread challenging and fun, please do not make vague assumptions (such as "14-18", "early twenties", etc.), especially since I think that most of TH members are between 13 and 30; always try a precise number or two! Thank you ~

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Cute thread. c: Gonna say 15.


edit: lol I'm almost a decade older than that


Around 21?

I'll be 18 in a few months so it's very close actually!




Oh dang, I’m almost 23 :’)


Somewhere in the twenties like uhh 24?

HA--HA no I'm 14


Hmm... 15-18? Around that age? But I'm gonna guess around 17.

Edit: Dang, you're right. 14 it is.


ah yeah im guesstimating around 14-15 yrs


o shoot u right, exposed


maybe 18


nope, 19 in like 3 days :o


Maybe early 20s, like 23?


Looking on my profile ruins the fun! ; o; But yes, I'm a dinosaur.


"I'm Lulu, I'm 28, I have 600 ocs and a problem." Thanks for giving away the answer. Heh.

Yeah. I'm 15.


Uhh, I'm guessing 14-16, maybe??


I'd say you're about..17 or 18?

(Also pretend my age is not on my page >3> No cheatsydoodlin' just use it based on how I act/my ocs like it says)

Well dang, I guess I'm good at acting mature! You're 6 years off buddy :> I'm only 16 ovo


Imma take a wild random guess and say...22! (Idk, you seem like someone who would be 22??)


Like, 20? Might be way off.