What fandom you think the above OC fits?

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I think there was a forum game for only videogames, but we'll expand this to other mediums such as TV shows, anime, comics, etc. since I can't find one!

The rules of this thread are very simple! It carries the rules of my previous threads!

  • Unless 24 hours have passed, you can only post every after 3 posts.
  • Try not to post too much in one page, too! Give chances to other users. Unless 12 hours haven't passed, you may only post twice a page.
  • Please, always elaborate why the OC will fit in the fandom. Anyone who does not comply to this rule WILL BE VOIDED AND SKIPPED WITHOUT NOTICE.
  • Claim a post when you have a rad idea for a reply.
  • Rules  can be changed anytime. If you do not want how this thread is currently  running, please contact me at my main, @/wanco-alien!
  • Have fun!

How to Play

Like any of my other threads, it's very easy! Just check the design and the profile of the OC above, and see what series they can fit in. By the way, my examples are babies so please try not to make it as low effort as that.

  • OC 1: *is a demon overlord*
  • OC 2: I think he could fit in Disgaea because he's a demon overlord! *is a yandere*
  • OC 3: She would be in School Days because nice boat *is a cat*
  • OC 4: I think she fits in Nyan Neko Sugar Girls!
  • and so on...

The first user starts!

Raphaël Judas-la-Carotte

Hrftgyh this sounds like a fun thread! I'll start c:

Gottfried Raddishes

Hmm, for some reason I feel like Raphael would be a Sanrio character? I can see him beside the little twin stars, haha.

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Muerte Motherbeast

@RandoNerdy I think they'd fit into Steven Universe due to the colors and the alien-like features. o:

For Gottfried, I get the feeling of Magic Knight Rayearth due to how pretty she is and that she's a being from another world (the moon)! She gives me somewhat of a whimsical feel that only CLAMP can deliver! 'w' The idea of her becoming a knight and sticking with her friends gives me very shoujo-like feelings. = v=

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Monika "Moni" Ramdial Mochi

i can see smiley in mirai nikki, hes got the character design for it and bloodlust. not sure what his diary would be though, maybe its his paper bag lmao.

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Robi Tribal RobbieOfHyrule

This fellow's mostly fur-babies, sees them in like MLP or umm the sonic series.
{cos you haven't chosen one yet '-')

 Benjamin Morris abakkus

Just by the icon I'd have to say Pokemon. Trainers love goggles.

Katharos 'Stinky' Sanct colorful

claiming for both @gummycat and abakkus haha

for gummycat, her design feels like something out of Higurashi or  Adventure Time, but it's probably because of the bat for Higurashi, and  Adventure Time for the simple aesthetic. However, her bio seems like  she'll be in some slice-of-life comedy cartoon? I don't know much about Western cartoons haha

for abakkus, I think he's going to Diabolik Lovers since he's a vampire and he looks really stunning damn but yeah, he could go to Shiki too. A pretty obscure anime but the whole as a vampire he tries to target people who "deserve it" thing kinda reminded me on how that show ran tbh??


I'm claiming @Gummycat since @RandoNerdy has not edited their claim in 12 hours and by claiming someone to spitefully steal their turn is rude and immature. Please skip me. I will not post any OCs.

I absolutely love Monika oh my gosh? She's a sweetie and I love how flashy she is! I totally think she'd fit into a themed magical girl show, such as Tokyo Mew Mew or Madoka Magica. A show where it focuses on color + personality aspect because of how cute she is! She definitely reminds me of Mint Berry from TMM but in a good way! 'w'

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Persona (OC) celestiials

yooo claiming @/wanco-alien

For some reason I feel like he could fit in Deep Sea-Prisoner's works? I mean his design looks simple but stands out, like most of their character designs. They also tend to have pretty dang dark backstories and usually add in a pinch of that supernatural stuff, which Katharos' bio certainly has haha

Also Deep Sea-Prisoner tends to add some gruesome elements into their works, and Katharos does have some of those elements.

(I don't know that many fandoms so sorry if I do end up repeating a fandom!)


Aiden Altair

The Shin Megami Tensei fandom, more exactly the Persona games