FREE ARPG adopts!

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I'm doing some free adopts for my Twilight Child species in order to test some new features for my EvoCrit site.

It's simple to get one (or more!) of these:

  1. If you don't have an EvoCrit account, sign up for one.  Make sure to read the rules and ToS!
  2. Comment with the below form:

    Elemental Affinity:
    Hair Style:
    EvoCrit Username:

  3. If you have a Deviantart account, put it in your EvoCrit profile.  If you don't, skip this step.
  4. I will send a transfer request with the adopt.  I will also invite you to the group/world.

By doing this, you'll get an adopt that can be used in one of my ARPGs, and I'll get some features on my site tested and a chance to practice my new style.
Twilight Children are a project/species based on magical girls/boys, and you may not make your own.

The EvoCrit site has tools to check progress, among other things, so you'll be able to see when I work on these.


Please do not ping me, I am already subscribed.


I created an EvoCrit profile, but I don't understand your request form. You state that we aren't allowed to make our own characters, but what do we fill the form with? Apologies; I'm just trying to understand. ;w;


KagedBird you fill the form with information and I make the character.  I'm basically just saying it's a closed species there.


Oh I see. So like this?

Name: Turiel
Gender: Nonbinary
Elemental Affinity: Darkness
Hair Style: Pageboy, but bang cover the eyes instead of being at the eyebrows.
Weapon: Broadsword
EvoCrit Username: KagedBird


Name: Mishka

Gender: Female

Elemental Affinity: Happiness 

Hair Style: long/ wavy with a fat braid incorporated somewhere 

Weapon: massive Gauntlets (as big as possible)

EvoCrit Username: Carbonmilk 


Name: Veera

Gender: female

Elemental Affinity: is something like Smoke an option? if not, fire!

Hair Style: short (maybe chin length) and curly hair; maybe a few braids thrown in there if that's okay? ;u;

Weapon: bone boomerang

EvoCrit Username: chimeratic

i hope this looks okay, thanks so much!!


Name: Navi

Gender: androgynous girl

Elemental Affinity: gaseous things: mist, smoke, steam, liquid nitrogen? ect 

Hair Style: 705e2c95632762b4c6a53ad143eb1171.jpg

Weapon: pods filled with liquid that explode

EvoCrit Username: pasteliio


Name: Rique

Gender: Male

Elemental Affinity: Electricity

Hair Style: edit: instead of curly hair can you do dreads in a ponytail with bangs

Weapon: Brass Knuckles

EvoCrit Username: Fiikaiyo


Name: Audrey

Gender: Male

Elemental Affinity: Ice

Hair Style: Straight Long hair with a long -ponytail if possible

Weapon: Gloves with long and sharp claws on them

EvoCrit Username: CannibalisticSoftie


Name: Aberan

Gender: Male

Elemental Affinity: Space

Hair Style: Spiky

Weapon: Yo-yo

EvoCrit Username: chaosheart13