Byte Angels - NEW ARPG CS (Freebies!)

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I just came up with an idea for a new species, called "Byte Angels", which consist of a humanoid Angel and their Byte companion.  This species is mechanical/robotic in appearance.  To get some traits figured out and to get them started, I am releasing some free semi-customs.  These will require an EvoCrit account, and I will create an ARPG for them on there once I've figured more of them out.  Simply fill out the form to request, although you can request as many as you want.  I may not do all of them, but I'll try.

Angel Name:
Byte Name:
RPG Stat:
EvoCrit Username:


  1. @tapiocat - WIP
  2. @triplebiscuit - WIP
  3. SkywardtheDragon - WIP
  4. @narutoghost - WIP
  5. @lemonad3 - WIP

Please do not ping me, I am already subscribed.


Angel Name: Nixaline Byte Name: Frigus Gender: Female Theme: winter/snow/cold Outfit: mecha style. Like- futuristic deisgns RPG Stat: Intelligent (did i do that right?) EvoCrit Username: MaekamiShi


Angel Name: Jude

Byte Name: Jade

Gender: Male

Theme: Bugs

Outfit: Inspired by flower gardens with lots of bright, warm colors

RPG Stat: Speed

EvoCrit Username: triplebiscuit

Thank you in advance!


Angel Name: Molly

Byte Name: Krinn

Gender: Female

Theme: Wolves

Outfit: Plate armor

RPG Stat: Charisma

 EvoCrit Username: Skywardthedragon

Angel Name: Vanellope
 Byte Name: Fritz 
  Gender: Female 
   Theme: Sunrise 
    Outfit: warm colours with boots and flowy clothing 
     RPG Stat: Intelligence
      EvoCrit Username: lemonade

Angel Name: Ciel

Byte Name: Raphael

Gender: Male

Theme: cream colors, sort of like this palette

Outfit: more french clothing, maybe with a scarf?

RPG Stat: Dexterity watch no one else choose this stat

EvoCrit Username: the-weasel


Angel Name: Azrael

Byte Name: Callisto

Gender: Androgynous (Cause angels :p but however you do it is good)

Theme: Celestial/ Space (Ya girl has got a weakness for such things)

Outfit: (Something similar. More flowy and flowy sleeves)

RPG Stat: Wisdom

EvoCrit Username: The_LittleRabbit