PSA:: Cydric/Torab - Selling/Trading Freebies

Posted 10 months, 1 day ago (Edited 7 months, 10 hours ago) by Sythrawolf

First and foremost let me post this: This is not a witch hunt, please do not use this as a means to harass this person.

WHO: Cydric/Torab TH / Cydric DA

Why this PSA: They have been posting on DA and on TH selling/trading adopts they have gotten for free. Most of them from threads that clearly state this is not allowed, as well as the individual that has gifted them, stating this is not allowed. 

One of their journals on DA selling/trading ( This is Sami the one they where trying to sell/trade in the first link - Sami /Received from the gift thread/ another ( I was not however able to get a screen shot of the adopt before it was deleted off th )

Their Bulletin on TH Shows which tags are up for offers ( Next links are all the adopts in the tag listed for sale/trade- sorry about the bottom bit  cut off , I wanted to make sure that the UFT tag could still be seen ) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Some links to characters in the tag that clearly state no selling/trading ( I only took a few shots as there where many )

1 2 3 ( sami link again ) 4 ( Clearly states no selling/trading )

Them asking for freebies in their own thread: Thread 

1 2 3 4 ( was at the bottom of link 3 ) 5 6 Still looking as of five days ago- Some of the characters listed in this thread are also in the UFT tag currently as well

They where confronted about this on DA , and while the message was read, they did not respond to it, but they promptly deleted all evidence on DA. They have, however left their TH Bulletin up, as of current. 

Message Sent to them  / Showing it was read 

One of the places they go to for adopts: Gift a character to the user above! [HQ Random] - Rule line #4 clearly states no selling or trading of designs gained from that thread

Showing that they do post there

Edit 10/24/18

While Cydric has removed most of the UFT tags that where screen capped originally, they have others that they have posted up under the UFT/OTA tag that are mostly free adopts from DA

In their gallery / On DA where it clearly states no selling 

In their gallery / On Da / Creators Response to no selling for points/cash

Other Characters still in the UFT/OTA tag That where gained from freebie threads/gift above threads

1 / 1

2 / 2

Edit 10/26/18

It was brought to my attention that the majority of the adopts in question where removed from Cydric's account and moved to another account named seafoamStars , there is some concern with the join dates that this may be a secondary account, as of now that is not certain , so please, once again do not harass either account 

He did respond to one artist saying he would take the adopt out of his OTA/UFT folder, and then for some reason that makes no sense to me, tried sending the adopt in question to me. 1 I have not accepted the request. I spoke with the artist about this, and she thinks it may be because she decided to take the adopt back.

If anyone has any other screenshots of them selling/trading free adopts or those that clearly state not to, please message me so I may add them up.

Or if I need to add anything at all please. First time making a PSA - Please also know if I need to change anything to fit properly into the rules and guidelines of the PSA, I am doing my best. But if I miss something please let me know. Thank you . 

Edit 1/21/19

Proof /new information was given that shows that Torab is Cydric, and is still continuing to sell adopts recieved for free.

Pokefarm account under the name cydric, showing characters that link to Torab on TH

The one named Silkie on that page

The one named Ja'Mal on that page

New pokefarm account selling the free adopts Here

Clicking the link provided leads you back to Torab Here

Again this is not a witch hunt, so please do not harass them. This is being made because it isn't fair to those that gave characters in good faith that the rules of thread/previous owners/ creators would be followed,if they do finally get back in contact with me, I will be editing this with that, to show that they are trying to amend things, as that would be preferred.


Yikes! I gave a few characters away in gifting threads to this person . Now I'm worried. :(


Surprisingly, one of the characters that I see from the screenshots provided (The one named just "i"), is the same dog that I gifted to another person from the gift a random character thread, who later gifted the dog to Cydric in (probably??) a different thread. I'm quite familiar with them, but we almost never interacted. It's surprising to see that they're selling/trading away freebies, and most of them that were recieved in gifting threads can't be sold/traded, because they were given out for free. Thanks for the heads-up, though!


oh dear D: 

I quite liked Cydric, it's a shame to see this. 


I PM'd Cydric after being alerted to this re:the character I raffled, and did not receive a response, but they did remove the UFT tag o/


kavaro I am currently putting together a list of those that where affected so I can get in contact with them.

Waltz They still have not responded to me either about the situation, or made any attempts so far to fix the issue. Thank you for letting me know about your experience with them. and I am glad they atleast took yours down out of the tag.


Dang. Really sad to see this. I actually looked at their page and they ended up with this character that i actually really liked and at first wanted to keep and now sold her. It's a shame to see such a cool character being thrown out.


I’ve given them at least a dozen characters from multiple threads- I really hate to see if they sold them! ;o;


I can't remember if I've received a character from them or if I gave them one, but now I'm a little anxious that they've sold one of my freebs haha.  They're also still currently active in at least one gifting thread, and it might be prudent to alert the thread owners to their behaviour.


2inchlich the thread owners have been alerted, though he has still been posting in them, so I am not sure whats going on there ^^;; Though the Freebie bin did post a warning in thread, he has still been posting there, and in the random thread I dont think the thread owner has even read the message ^^;;


Hm, that's a shame.  Maybe they just don't care?  Idk.


2inchlich I think in the freebie bin, it may just be its hard to keep up with at times. And for the random, I dont think the owner has even been on? So hopefully they will see it soon ^^;