Beware: Shounen to Neko

Posted 1 year, 25 days ago (Edited 9 months, 10 days ago) by NostalgicAstronaut

Artist: Yueka | Shopee | Insta | Tictail [deleted] | FB 
Purchased: 1x JoJo Omanjuu + 2x custom Omanjuu on Jan 3 2019
[Proof 1] [Proof 2] [Proof 3] [Proof 4] [Proof 5]

On Jan 3rd, i ordered 3 fanmade Omanjuu from Yueka's Tictail shop. I was contacted 5 days later with one mock-up to approved, which i did that same day.
On Jan 10th, i was provided a mock-up for the final custom Omanjuu. This time i asked for a small color alternation and didn't get any reply back.
With time getting away from me, i didn't email Yueka again until Jan 30th. At this point i was getting a bit worried but was still hoping they had just gotten busy with life too. Emailing Yueka again, I very politely asked if she had received my change request and what the current status of my order was.
Still not receiving any reply, i made a final attempt and emailed them again through multiple platforms indicating that i was still very interested in receiving my items on March 1st.

Today (Mar 12th) I've noticed their TicTail store is no longer active.

I have filed a dispute with paypal. 

Just wanted to give people a heads up about this artist.  

edit: added proof
edit 2: changed sellers name to their online ID
edit 3: Paypal has ruled in my favor and i have received a full refund


Can you provide visual proofs of your agreement with the artist & your corresponance afterwards?

This is all pretty barebones just going off your word alone.


Rikki Oh, of course~!
I'll update the original post now.
Sorry for not including that before D:


Even though the store has been closed by them, are you able to dispute/report it since you have purchase proofs? I mean to TicTail and not paypal, just to cover your bases.

All their social media seems to have just gone dark with no explanation, from what I saw.


Rikki Thanks for the suggestion.
I did open a dispute on TicTail as well, but unfortunately they claim all they can do is disable someone's store, which may be why it was unavailable to begin with /: