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It is said that the first caelians were humans, once. They were the first to ascend the Coronus mountains, and what they found atop the highest peak was glory itself, woven into the stars. The revelation they experienced there changed them, and they sprouted wings that let them dance in the light. That, however, was a very long time ago. 

Their paradise was not meant to last. Ignii, children of dragons, challenged their claim to the mountaintops and, at the climax of a bloody war, cast them out to the caves under the earth. In this day and age, the magic is faltering. Children are born with twisted wings, and all live beneath a broken halo.

To claim a common slot:

  • Post a bulletin
  • Join the world
To upgrade to uncommon:
  • Join the discord (16+) OR bump the thread 5 times
  • Tag 3 people
To upgrade to rare:
  • Claim a starter slot!
  • Earn a Sealed Letter (Slot Rarity Upgrade) by participating in the Florivivere Festival!
Post what you've done here in the thread, and a staff member will confirm your slot. The event will remain open until March 1st!


Florivivere Festival

The first winter after caelians were banished to the caverns of Dolsia was dark. The iron stench of death dripped from cold stalactites, but even the cruelest winter must end eventually. The caelians emerged from their caves to find flowers: bright specks of color poked out from the snow and reminded them that even in the frozen wastes of death, life persists. This is the origin of the Florivivere Festival.

Today, caelians plant seeds in the twilight of fall, before the first frost. They mourn that which has, in the last year, been lost. But in the spring, they return to witness their bounty and celebrate: they're still here. Hope persists, and so do they.

Over the many years since this festival first began, families began breeding their own unique strains of flowers to represent the resilience of their bloodline--a living heirloom--leading to a stunning array of colors and shapes. 

To earn a Sealed Letter (slot rarity upgrade item), share with us the flower that represents your caelian's family. Choose any of the following linearts (edits permitted) to color, provided by the wonderful VonGacy:

Submit your finished flower here, and make sure it's transparent! At the end of the festival, on March 15th, all flowers will be compiled onto a single background, and the flower field will be shared with the community.

You can still participate in this event even if you don't have a caelian yet. If you just want to color a pretty flower and represent an unknown family, that's also fine. Additionally, you may submit more than one flower if you so wish, and it will also be added to the community background. Each extra flower will earn 1 Memory.


The Harvest

Every family has their own traditions for what they do with their flowers once they've sprouted. Big families with lots of flowers may pick them and make flower crowns; young lovers may offer them as valentines; and old families may press them into a book, so future generations can see how the family has grown and changed. Someone with little family left to speak of may simply sit with their bloom.

What does your caelian do with their family flower? If your caelian doesn't live in Dolsia, do they have their own way of celebrating the Florivivere Festival?

For a reward of 2 Memories, draw or write your answer to this prompt.

  • Minimum art requirements: clean sketch + halfbody
  • Minimum writing requirements: 300 words
Going above and beyond the minimum requirements will net you a bonus of 3 memories! Submit finished prompts here. This prompt will remain open until March 15th.


Snowball Fight!

What's a festival without a little fun! Many entrances to Dolsia are sealed up in the winter by ice and snow, so the Florivivere Festival is always a time of particular revelry and fun. You never know when a snowball fight might break out!

In the spirit of merriment, on our discord, we've invited the Gameboi bot to spend some time with us. It allows people to play a game of Hangman, 2048, Fight!, and Connect 4. We encourage you to introduce yourself to someone new, or say hello to some old friends, and play a game together. The most social butterflies who play the most games total will win mutations! Mutations are extremely flexible traits, limited only by your imagination. (Exact number of winners will be determined by the total number of participants.)

Join our discord here, but remember, you must be 16 years or older to join and participate in this event.

A Feather has Fallen... 
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I remember seeing the first designs for this appear- I am so excited to be part of it! 

And yes please add me to the pinglist! And if you need staff, I'd love to help out. ^.^ 



Thank you so much everyone for joining me on the long, long journey to launch this species! After just shy of a full year of prep, we've reached the final days, and we're ready to go. I hope you're as excited as I am; we have a lot of good stuff planned. The next time I ping you all will be last time: it will be launch day, here at last!

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I will be awaiting that launch ping!! Can’t wait to see these species in action ^^


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Reconfirming :]


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