Closed Species: Cruxites!!!

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Interested in cruxites?

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Cruxites are a closed species created by me, and must be bought or obtained through official cruxite designers.


!!Attention!! FREE cruxite MYO slots are being given away! In order to get one, please read the species rules and then comment on the forum to let me know. Once I respond saying it's okay you can design your cruxite, following the rules, and then show me the completed design for it to be officially approved. If your design does not follow the rules you will be asked to edit your design so that it does. This MYO comes with unlimited common trait slots, 3 uncommon trait slots, and 2 rare trait slots. Hurry while they're still available, there are only going to be 5 free MYO slots given away!

Free MYO slots available: 

Slot #1- ON HOLD

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Cruxites are dragon-like creatures that have different substances for blood, These substances can be anything from liquids, gases, fine powders (like sand) to more unusual things like fire, electricity, sound, light, darkness, etc! As long as it can somehow flow through veins it can be cruxite blood!

Adopts for sale here!

Want a MYO slot or custom? Just contact me!

I only accept PayPal and points on DA

Here we can discuss anything cruxite related, like questions. 

I will regularly update information if any of the rules/info changes


Cruxite Rules (might edit later)


-all cruxites must have a substance flowing through their veins that is not normal blood

-the substance has to be able to move through veins and circulate throughout the body in some way

Examples of acceptable substances: Fire, sand, liquids, gases, sound, electricity, light, shadow, etc.

Examples of not acceptable substances: anything solid, string-like, large and chunky, like fabric, spaghetti, and beads.

Mixed blood: (rare) meaning the blood is not specific in it's type, and consists of more than one type.
examples- acid, molten metal, juice
This means the blood is made up of more than one type of acid, metal, juice, etc.
Mixed bloods are more likely to have genetic mutations and psychological disorders.

Non-mixed blood: (common) meaning the blood is very specific in it's type.
examples- sulfuric acid, molten iron, apple juice
So rather than just acid blood, liquid metal blood, or juice blood, the blood is specifically one type and one type only.

Genetic Mutations

- normal blood
(there is only one exception. Other than that one, no cruxites are allowed to have normal blood.)


There are no longer any rules on color.

Genetic Mutations:



-it is common for cruxites to have 2-4 eyes

-it is uncommon for cruxites to have 6-8 eyes

It is rare for cruxites to have less than 2 eyes or more than 8

-pupils are common

-no pupils are uncommon

-no eyes is extremely rare

Genetic Mutations

-having an odd number of eyes

-having more than 1 pupil

Limbs and tails

-having 4 limbs is common

-having 6-8 limbs is uncommon

-having less than 4 limbs or more than 8 is rare

-having 1 tail is common

-having 2-3 tails is uncommon

-having more than 3 tails is rare

-quadruped (meaning they walk on all fours...or how ever many legs they have) is common

-bipedal (meaning they stand up right and walk on two legs...or how ever many legs they have) is uncommon 

Genetic Mutations

-having an odd number of limbs

-having no limbs

-having no tail


-having 1 head is common

-having 2 heads is rare

-having more than 2 heads is extremely rare


-having no wings is common

-having 1 set of wings is very uncommon

Genetic Mutations

-having more than 1 set of wings or an odd number of wings 


-having teeth that are visible when the mouth is closed is very common

-having no teeth visible when the mouth is closed is very rare

Mouth spikes

(these are tooth-like protrusions on the outside of the mouth)

-fleshy spikes are common

-hard spikes, that are part of the skull are uncommon

-having no mouth spikes is extremely rare

-other mouth deformities are possible but rare

Genetic Mutations

-having mouth spikes that aren't the same on both sides of the mouth

Head/body spikes, horns, and ears

(head and body spikes are kind of like mouth spikes, just in different places on the body)

-having fleshy spikes that mimic ears is common

-having fleshy spikes that mimic horns is rare

-having spikes that are part of the skull and mimic horns is uncommon

-having spikes that are part of the skull and mimic ears is very rare

Genetic Mutations

-having normal ears 

-having normal horns that are not covered by skin


-having both male and female reproductive organs (or a combination of the two) is uncommon

-having no reproductive organs is uncommon

-having violent or unstable personalities is common

Other Genetic Mutations

-having fur

-having more than 1 tongue

-having extra or missing organs

-changing appearance when angered

The prices will vary depending on the rarity of the traits the cruxite has. See my concept sketches for examples.


Cruxite MYO slot info

MYO slot price: $15

With a normal MYO slot, the buyer can make their own Cruxite following the species rules. The buyer is limited to up to 2 rare traits and 1 genetic mutation.

MYO slot rules:

-allows buyer to make 1 Cruxite (following species rules)

-buyer is allowed to have up to 2 rare traits

-buyer is allowed to have up to 1 genetic mutation

Buying extra trait slots:

*If the buyer wishes to have more than 2 rare traits, additional rare trait slots must be bought*

-$5 per additional rare trait slot

*If the buyer wishes to have more than 1 genetic mutation, additional mutation slots must be bought*

-$10 per additional mutation slot

*any additional heads must be bought*

2 heads: 1 additional head costs $5

3 heads: 2 additional heads costs $10

*if the buyer wishes to have more than 4 tails, additional tails must be bought*

-$5 per additional tail

*if the buyer wishes to have more than 1 set of wings, additional sets must be bought*

-$10 per additional set of wings

Link to species rules:…

Link to traits sheets:……

P.S. I'm sorry if there's something that I forgot to cover or wasn't clear on, this is my first time selling and managing a closed species, so i'm still new to this. If anyone who owns or has experience with closed species has any comments or advice, please message me! Thank you, and I hope you enjoy Cruxites!



Part 1 of the traits sheet!



Part 2 of the traits ref! Sorry if there's something I forgot to cover!


Here are some example sketches of some different cruxites!!!




Want to see more like this? Click the link below to see the cruxites folder in my DA gallery!!!

More cruxites here!!!


Cruxite origin

Cruxites were originally bacteria that drifted aimlessly through space, that evolved slowly over time as they mixed with different materials and substances. Once reaching a planet in an uninhabited solar system, which is is approximately 60 lights years away from our solar system, they began to evolve even further. After growing larger, changing form, and adapting to their new habitat, different bloods were created based off of the cruxite's diet, genes, etc. Different planets usually inhabit similar kinds of cruxite. For example, the closer to the sun the planet is, the hotter, deadlier, or more unstable the blood of the cruxite will be.

(is this okay? Please let me know what you think, and be sure to leave some suggestions and tips too!!)


Cruxite Example

My main OC, Twitch, is a cruxite. In fact, he is the first cruxite I ever made and it's thanks to him that I even created the species in the first place. He's an acid blood, which means that his blood is made of a mix of acids and not just one specific kind (like sulfuric acid for example. This means that he is more unstable than other cruxites that have non-mixed blood, both genetically and mentally. He is completely immune to things such as burns, poisons, and other acids because his body is made to withstand things like this. The more unstable a cruxite is, the more likely they are to have genetic mutations and psychological disorders. Twitch has something similar to manic depression, also known as bipolar disorder, which makes him more likely to snap and suddenly turn violent.

Blood: mixed (rare) acid blood

Mental state: unstable

Coloration:  black with bright markings

Limbs and tails: 4 limbs (common), 1 tail (common), bipedal (uncommon)

Head(s): 1 (common)

Wings: none (common)

Eyes: 2 (common) with pupils (common)

Head spikes/ears/horns: Mock ears (common) not part of skull (common)

Mouth spikes: yes (common) part of skull (uncommon)

Exposed teeth: yes (common)

Genetic mutations: changes appearance when angered


Im sorry if this is too complicated XC

Note: The mental disorder that I said Twitch has IS NOT actually bipolar disorder. IT'S SIMILAR, NOT THE SAME. Please don't kill me I wasn't trying to give anyone the wrong idea about the reel disorder I was just using is as a comparison to give everyone an idea of what I was talking about. Mental disorders are nothing to be joked about (trust me I know I have 3) and the last thing I want to do is spread false information.



Oh I love them. I have no money right now, but I'd totally buy one if I had the cash.


luxidoptera I'm so glad you like them!!! (hearing this made my day 100 times better no joke)

I just got this idea, but what if I made mini adopts that cost less than the regulars? Like maybe $5?


ZugZwang853 That might be a good idea!


luxidoptera Okay, i'll have a small batch done soon!



This character is up for adopt! Buyer can request a full ref. sheet, which can be custom.

Regular ref + character- $15

Custom ref + character- $20


A made a discord server for cruxites for anyone who's interested!

Discord server here!

Cruxite website is now up!

(still a work in progress)

Cruxite website here!

Also made a group on Deviant Art called CruxiteHELL, looking for new members, art, and ideas!

CruxiteHELL here!


A cruxite master list is in progress on the official cruxite website!! Go check it out!


The rules have been updated!

Here's the link in case you want to look them over

There are no longer any rules on color.