[CS]: E.C.H.O. - MYO open!!

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Yes I'm interested!!

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Electronically Calibrated Humanoid Organism

Electronically Calibrated Humanoid Organisms, also known as “ECHO’s” (ek-o), are an Artificial Intelligence designed to aid humans around various aspects of life. While most ECHO's are manufactured with a physical 'android' body, they have the ability to traverse their own data from their body onto cyberspace. In hindsight, an ECHO's body acts as a high-capacity, mobile computer with the ability to socialize, think, and feel.


*** ECHO MYO Event!! *** 

Free MYO slots + extras on sale!!

One slot per person unless purchasing more

Free MYO slots expire in two months! (10 Feb 19)

You are allowed to draw your own or commission someone to make your ECHO. 

Just remember: all MYO ECHO's must be approved by me before submission.

For information on ECHOs, check out the DA group!!

    • Alpha slot:
    • Common Model, common traits
    • Share via DA journal to grab a spot!
    • Join/watch the group

    • Bravo slot: CLOSED  
    • Common Model, uncommon traits
    • Share via DA journal + Tag a friend or share on Twitter/TH/Tumblr
    • Join/watch the group

    • Charlie slot:
    • Uncommon Model, common traits
    • Share via DA journal + Tag a friend + Share on Twitter/TH/Tumblr
    • Limited to first 20 reservers
    • Join/watch the group

    • Delta slot: CLOSED 
    • Rare Model, common traits
    • Share via DA journal + Tag a friend + Share on Twitter +Share on TH/Tumblr
    • OR Share via DA journal + Tage 5 friends
    • Limited to first 10 reservers 
    • Join/watch the group

  • Sorry!! Had to close B & C slots since they're too full!! Will be reopening them once the numbers start evening out (IF... they do... (or you can upgrade *coughs*!))

    Refer to the links for model and trait reference!

    If you're interested in one of the four slots, please fill out the form below!!Slot: A/B/C/D
    Link: (post a link of your journal please)
    Tag: (if any)

    Make sure you read the posted journals and feel free to ask me questions at any time!!
    Also, please don't forget to note me for approval of your ECHO <3
    If you'd like to reserve a serial number, feel free to comment/note me to do so!
    Just be aware that an ECHO's serial number is based on their core color (refer to the journals for more info)
    Commissioned MYO: please note me for a due date extension if need be!

  • For extra MYO slots:
    • Common models, common/uncommon/rare traits $10
      • OPEN
    • Uncommon models, common/uncommon/rare traits $15
      • 3/5 slots OPEN
    • Rare models, common/uncommon/rare traits $20
      • 2/3 slots OPEN
    • :new: Ultra rare models, common/uncommon/rare traits $30 
      • 0/2 slots OPEN

  • For trait upgrade to any model:
    • Common/uncommon/rare traits $5

  • Purchased MYO slots are non-refundable, however, they do not expire. You may sell or gift an MYO slot, but please be aware that you may not sell them for a higher than the original price.
Here are ECHOs open foradopt!!




**Please bid in the comment section, and only do so if you have the funds available**

The auction will end Christmas day: 1300 PST
Minimum increase: 5 USD

Momo Yuki #FFE66D

SB: $55

AB: $200

Master: --

Will receive the adopt in a higher resolution as soon as payment is received
File Includes:
-Base Fullbody
-Fullbody with extras

*AB'd ECHO will receive another fullbody sketch!*



Meguru-Sama Quick question: do we get to use the base to make our own E.C.H.O?


Hey sorry for the late reply!
I was at work ^^

And yesss you may use bases!
Only condition is for you to credit the creator of the base!
You can use ECHO bases provided HERE if you'd like!


Hi! I would like a charlie slot! 

I think CosmicJellie would like this!




Reserved <3