{Free Ringox MYO Event! Jan 3-12th }

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{About Ringoxes}
A species of mystic creatures whose roles can vary depending on where  they live and how they were born. Originally created to oversee humans  in the role of Angels, some became more attached and bred with humans to  create what they are now. They exist in a spiritual realm parallel to  humans, but some prefer to live close to temples/shrines where humans  worship deities.

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{Toyhou.se Info}



Ringox MYO Event Details
Between January 1-12, 2019 you have the ability to make a Ringox for your own completely free!!


 Step 1: Join the Realm-of-Ringox group!
This is how you can submit images of your new Ringox! ouo/
You can still join without a deviantART account, so long as you make the promotional material on your Toyhou.se!

Step 2: Promote the species!
Make a journal/status/poll advertising the MYO Event!
Comment on this post with your promotion!
Do not delete your promotion til after Jan 12th!

Step 3: Make your MYO!
Here's a couple Bases you may use to create your Ringox, or you can make your own art!
You may only upload it when your MYO has been approved!

Step 4: Send me your MYO!
Once you've finished your MYO, send a note to myself or Realm-of-Ringox to get approval!

That's all you gotta do to have a MYO of your own!


► Follow the rules on the Ringox Species Guide!
► ONLY 1 MYO per person!
► No mutations are allowed for MYO.
► You can design a MYO for a friend, but they have to upload it on their own account!
► Please get your MYO done within a month or so of this event. I'm lenient, because this is my first MYO giveaway! Please don't take forever, but take your time. :0

Ask me if you got any questions and have fun! I'll try my best to accommodate!



Have fun with your MYO! :0 The group automatically approves people, so no need to wait on that for approval!
We have a discord server if you'd like to join us: https://discordapp.com/invite/qfqrNNM
No pressure, though!


Today is the last day to enter the MYO event for people!!