Remake a Song/Album cover for the person above!

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I haven’t seen this one before so let’s go broskies😩


Can someone do (insert character link or IC) In the (album/song) cover for (insert song/album) please? (No/yes) NSFW, (No/yes) Gore!


Can someone do (insert character name) please in the (song/album) cover of (insert song/album).


Nsfw must be dmed

You must take less then or equal to 3 weeks to complete, I will dm you a week in advance, then I will dm you after 3 weeks, depending I will give you a week or 2 more.

Skip the black listed people(Blacklist down below)

Must finish previous claim in order to claim again.

Don’t be rude

Someone can start and I will go after!

Blacklist: NONE YET! Let’s keep it that way😌

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((manual bump dont mind me))

Eezo [element_0] Ez3l

a4126872750_10.jpgEnder1872 claim! (Also hi again 👀)

Maybe this album of will wood? Ty!

done and sent!