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[ Created ]
[ Average Height ]
[ Lifegems ]

[ Defining Traits ] Assholes. I mean-- Large ears, hornless and without life gems. Their eyes/eargems/tail plates/gems on tail do not have to be same color. Thin fur, long tails. Purr when content or to calm themselves down.

Dimorphism | Female
Slender arms, no spines.
Dimorphism | Male
Thicker arms with spines on elbows

General Overview and Etymology

☆Unlike the rest of their kin, StarShooters have no horns, no lifegem, and no regard for the other 7 races. They have evolved into vicious hunters, with the StarDragons serving as their prey. Very few can still speak the native dragon tongue.
☆StarShooters congregate in large Victorian like cities, and are by far the more sophisticated dragon species with living spaces and technology of the magical variety.
☆When the gems they steal run out of magical energy, they're broken and cut down to be used as currency.
☆Use other StarDragons as servants. The StarDragons in 'pristine' conditions are reserved for the StarShooters with more money, or sit higher on the ranking system. The StarDragons in worse condition go to the poorer StarShooters.
☆Lifegems: None, though they have a ring of gems around their tails and larger gems placed in each ear.




Location - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14285747/

Religion/leader/government style - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/23081226/