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[ Average Height ]
[ Lifegems ]
Oval gems between their eyes, on the back of their hands, and on the back of their stingers.

[ Defining Traits ] Feathered hips, tails, arms and legs, slender ears, gems on forehead, wrists, and tail (Sometimes). Raptor toed feet. Tall. Immune to venom.

Dimorphism | Female
Generally smooth horns. No stinger and instead a well feathered tail.
Dimorphism | Male
More battle ready, with ridged horns and venom filled stinger tails. Longer plumes.

General Overview and Etymology

☆Making their home in dense jungles and rain forests, Starsweepers are one of the rowdier dragons. Though, some dwell in tropical climates, or tundras (Like penguins!).
☆They are an avian like species, though they actually lack the means to fly (Think feathered raptors.) However, they are exceptionally quick on their feet, and make for fearsome hunters.
☆They love dancing and holding huge parties with endless feasts for just about any occasion.
☆The males have stingers at the tips of their tails which carry a potent venom.
☆Lifegems: One on the back of each hand, as well as one on the forehead.



Leader/religion/government style - (Done by the end of this month)

Location - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14282609/