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Boo's Haunted Mansion

4.7 187 reviews

Come to Boo's Haunted Mansion for an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime FRIGHT EXPERIENCE! A genuine magic core buried deep beneath the manor powers a variety of realistic and terrifying scares the likes of which you have never seen before. Magic effects and a cast of more than 100 actors means every visit will be different, and you will never run out of scares!

Admission is free, and free candy will be handed out at the exit.




You know it's a bad sign when a business literally has to pay you to show up :\ the entire house sucked. Don't waste your time coming here. Candy was good tho



Honestly, I don't really get haunted houses - I'm not the kind of guy who can just suspend my disbelief to get scared by fake stuff. I just came out because a friend dragged me along, and I always like to support small spinxyn businesses anyway. So this will be a review from the perspective of a casual customer, not a die-hard fan.

The special effects were surprisingly good for a free haunted house. Lots of props that looked, sounded, and even smelled pretty realistic. The themes of the rooms were all over the place though and didn't really feel cohesive. At one point we went straight from a creepy circus themed room into a zombie apocalypse room, and it was just confusing. I'm also kind of wary about the use of gore as a horror trope, since that kind of thing really harms cursed spinxyn in real life, but I won't argue with the spinxyn owner's vision.

You're supposed to see different "scares" every time you go through the mansion, but I was pretty busy, so I left and let my friend do that without me. They said it was true, so points for that.

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Rainbow Rapids is a long ways out for me (I live in Corner Town), but when I heard about the magic core gimmick, I just had to go and check it out for myself. I flew over with my girlfriend and a couple of friends. While some parts of the haunt experience were kind of awkward, most of it lived up to the hype, and we had a great time!

First things first: although it's advertised as a "haunted mansion", the woods surrounding the mansion are actually decorated and staffed with actors and open for exploration as well. It's got fewer scares per minute than the house proper, but there's some really unique stuff in there that's not to be missed. Between that and the different scares you get every time you go through the mansion, we spent a total of four hours on the grounds (including a short dinner break) and never saw a single repeat. On number of scares alone, Boo's Haunted Mansion is definitely my winner for this year.

When we arrived, there was a HUGE line of people in front of us waiting to get into the mansion. I was worried; a lot of the time, popular haunted houses like this turn into "conga lines" where you can see the actors scare the people in front of you before you even get into the room, completely ruining the surprise. But Boo themself met us at the entrance, and assured us that their magic would take care of it. And they really did - after we crossed the threshold, we didn't see or hear a single other visitor except for our own party. I don't know if they accomplished that with illusions or space-folding magic or what, but it was fantastic. I hope Boo shares their secret with other haunted house owners so we can see more of it around Nephfei next year.

The effects really lived up to the hype. The dynamic sound effects gave the entire place a tense atmosphere without being too in-your-face. I'm an expert in horror special effects, both practical and magical, and even I couldn't tell how some of them were made! I don't want to spoil too much, so I'll just share the most memorable scene we saw: the basement was set up like a mad scientist's lab, the shelves lined with cages and bottles full of groaning creatures, and we were chased through it by a bunch of mutated monsters with our own faces!

As for the downsides... Boo's decision to use amateur actors really put me off. I understand they had to rely on volunteers to create so many unique scares, but they should have vetted the hiring process a little better to ensure the visitors' and actors' safety. Don't get me wrong - most of the scares were perfectly timed, and the costumes were fantastic - but one spinx I encountered in the kitchen clearly wasn't told that you're not supposed to touch the guests in a haunted house. They cornered us and tried to lick my face with a long tongue erupting from their chin. (Actually, now that I'm writing this, I'm realizing that it was probably just a very realistic animatronic and not a real spinx, what with the weird glowing eyes and jerky movements. Still, NOT a fun scare.)

Overall, I'd say Boo's Haunted Mansion was well worth the visit, especially for a completely free haunt experience. If you're in the area and don't mind some close-contact scares, come check it out!



house was ok. lots of people in there with fat wallets. I keep seeing that weird guy with all the arms in the corner of every room tho. they're not even wearing a costume, they're just standing there in the shadows. I got out and I'm in the forest now but I still see them. watching. please send help



I would give this house 10 stars if that was an option because I think I had a good time :D it had really good food (free) on the ground, strawberry jam I think???? Someone yelled something at me, but I was so hungry I ignored them, and kept eating the jam, and then I walked out. Free food is always good : DD