Trade Wishlist

2 years, 6 months ago
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I'm looking to rehome characters here: 
Characters for Trade: Nyght's Sales & Trades

Also, on my main account, I am entertaining offers on tentative characters:
I'm picky on these ones, but feel free to offer if you see someone you really love.

✮✮✮ ✮✮✮ ✮✮✮

~DETAILED Wishlist for Trades~


  • Highest Priority:
  • Other things I am looking for:
  • Will look, but am picky:
    • Ferals 
    • Magical creatures
    • Synthwave -anything-
    • I'll look at character offers for other humanoids, but I'm really trying to trim right now.

Not Accepting:

  • Anthros (except synthewave)
  • Fan characters
  • Original species characters- Closed or Open
  • Characters with a ton of bandages, bruises, cuts
  • Eye mouths
  • TV/Object Heads