Comments on Trade Wishlist

Hi! I'm interested on And I was wondering if you would accept art as a payment for this adoptable? 

here is some examples of my art: I can draw anything from your list or even anything else you might need

I quite like your art and I'd be honoured to discuss a trade! How much and of what type of art would you be OK with doing for her? 

How about one full body with soft shading plus an extra of your choice? Can be a half body, full body sketch or a chibi, I'm very flexible so please tell me if you think this offer is fair ^^

That sounds perfect!

For the full body, would this character be OK: ? Let me know if you don't feel comfortable drawing her, and I can choose another. You can put her in either outfit or any other outfit you wish.
And I'd love the second to be a full body sketch of any one of these creatures, you can have free choice! (However, if you prefer to have more direction, please let me know!)

(I freaking love your paleo-art!)

I'll set aside the character for you so no one else can offer.

Yes all the choices are fine for me to draw (and will actually be very fun too since I love drawing mermaids and creatures :D ) 

And thanks for liking my paleoart, it's kind of niche thing, so I'm always overjoyed to find someone who appreciates it ^^