Before fall life

10 months, 2 days ago

Lucien life in Nirvana and his relationship with his god

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To say that Lucien is a cheruby a long time is  an understatement. The humanity were in it's beginnings when Lucien ascend to Nirvana. 

His first act in paradise was receiving his bridle, the jewel in the accessory being a symbol of his position: the first mortal to serve this specific God. Because of that, Lucian were like a head butler, coordinating and organizing everything for his god, including the cherubys claimed by his master.

At the beginning it was a hard time, his master would not accept anything below perfect, punishing him for the littlest mistake he made. 

The most common punishment was whipping his hands, the worst being kept in the dark for whatever time his god deemed necessary. 

His responsibilities never had an end, living with his god, he even had to divide the bed with his master whenever the god deemed necessary.