Kevin's Nachos

4 years, 9 months ago
4 years, 9 months ago
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Chapter 1
Published 4 years, 9 months ago

Kevin goes looking for snacks and adventure in another dimension.

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Spatial Disorientation

It was something he couldn't explain to Seb, let alone show him. A fuzzy portal across a fuzzy expanse, where things exist until they don't and don't exist until they do. A field of chaos, where the air melts, turns liquid, solid, and then back again in mere moments. An eternity of noise, a friend to those who could bear it, a void of tinnitus weighing down on those caught inside. Kevin liked it mostly for its nachos, though.

He found it behind a book on glass-blowing: a fizzling, squishy spot in the old wooden supports behind the library shelf. Kevin grabbed it in his meaty paw and ripped to the side, throwing the void wide open. The edge of existence glowed slightly, and globules of shimmering, iridescent light leaked out of it into the open air. Kevin's eyes widened, and a low "ooooh..." emanated from his throat.

Trying to fit his oversized frame between the shelves, the aardwolf carefully climbed the hole into the bleed zone.

Kevin drifted softly downwards. Gravity seemed intermittent on the other side, but he made it back to rocky ground without injury. Bands of bright blues and whites flickered and faded over the void of the sky, a bit like the fuzziness you get when you close your eyes and push down on them. Kevin was grinning rather wide now; the bleed zone was once home for him.

Making a careful leap across the endless expanse, he latched onto the side of a floating island. His exposed fur bristled and spatial disorientation soon had him in his clutches. Such were the effects of a bleed zone on a sapient.

One leap lead to another, and off Kevin went into the abyss, looking for nachos.