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Welcome to the prompt secton of catacombs! Here you can develop your characters and guild. There will be prompts every week, some will require writing and some art of your cats. By doing prompts, you can earn EXP for the cats that you do prompts for. EXP will be awarded at the end of every week. Please look out below for the current week's prompt!

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Prompt 1: August 8-17, 2019

Write out your founder's personality in a brief paragraph! What are they like? Do they enjoy fighting for Catelena? What is their motivation for forming a guild? How does your founder get along with others?

Gilgram always dreamed of exploring the catacombs, partly because he grew up with stories of the heroes who fought monsters and partly because he wants to prove his magical abilities outside of the classroom. While he certainly wants glory, he also wants to share it with others due to an intrinsic generous and positive nature. Like heroes in the stories, he needs a team that can support each other in everything they do. Though he would never admit it, he also needs someone who can reign in his more impulsive tendencies that would have him running out to fight every monster he sees. He is very confident in his ability to attract others to his guild and hopes to make it the wealthiest and most famous in Catalena.