The Rabbit Is Out Of The Hat

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Chapter 3
Published 2 years, 16 days ago

Gerold and Alphone meet Zoren and Mytos

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The Big Box

Carrying a box that was large than he was by a large amount, Zoren stumbled back and forth as he moved forward. His cart parked to the side of the compound, he put forth a lot of effort into this one seemingly cardboard box. It was a lot heavier than he thought it'd be. At least the trip wasn't the longest he had ever made, but it certainly wasn't the shortest. "Why not hold it while I carry it?" Mytos asked, leaning over to nibble at his rider's hair. Flicking his ears with a chuckle, the rabbit shook his head. "I couldn't possibly my dear dragon! What if it should tilt over on the opposite side, I'd be most distraught!"

Shaking his head, the horse supposed that was an option. There was also the fear that Usagi might simply drop the box or trip as well. Something that seemed far more likely as they tilted one way then stumbled the next. Hurrying ahead, maybe he could find someone with fingers to help that wasn't too busy around the breeding grounds.

“Steady ahead Alphonse, If you drop that rock it might be a pain to move again for everyone involved.” Gerold told the other as he held his bag of leaves and feathers, waiting for the outside stable area to be cleaned out so he could prepare it as the breeding area for future pairs that would come to use it. It was outside and easy to access by many of varying sizes, and it provided a safe spot for eggs to be kept as well for him to check in on them. Later he’d expand it, but for now it would do. Al had been storing his ‘big rocks’ in there though, assuming it was just a storage area and wouldn't be used. Gerold supposed he wasn't wrong before that, but now he needed the space for more things

“I know, I knooooow. I shall make a stone hedge with them, that sounds like good scenery for the mating ones.” He mused out loud to himself, excited by the idea

“Indeed...” Watching the dragon waddle away to neatly set the rock in a partially formed circle, one might think he was performing a ritual but the dragon wasn’t that devious, only desiring praise.

“Oh! I see Zoren!” Dropping his rock short, making some of the ground shake, Gerold sighed as he watched the dragon get distracted and run over, wiggling his tail all the way. “Zoren! Mytos!”

Rearing his head back slightly at Alphonse's approach, Mytos was more than happy to great the dragon, but they weren't quite the fingered assistance that he needed to return with. Glancing at their tail though... it could work as well with the even spikes coming out of it. "Hello Alphy! Would you care to assist us with bringing back this box here? Usagi is having a bit of trouble with it."

Sighing, Zoren shook his head at the dragon, the action making him wiggle with the big brown box. "Now now Mytos, don't go spreading lies! I've got it, at least up until the point I don't." That point was what the dragon was most worried about. Turning back to the dinosaur, he couldn't exactly give them big eyes, but he could sigh hopefully hard enough that they knew he was still asking for help.

Not tackling them like many young dragons would, he was taught well by Gerold to greet their guests before going in for any sort of hugs and touches. Sometimes they just weren’t feeling up to it, or maybe they just didn’t want a big dino hug, or many other possibilities that came to mind as Alphonse watched Zoren trying to carry the big box.

“Sure, I can help. How can I assist?” Wiggling his tail as he waited for an answer, he could feel his rider’s tug of curiosity, but he had started setting up the stable to be the breeding area. Fluffing the feathers and leaves into a spot that would probably be moved later but was a good starting point for now. He was going to lay out a few areas to eat while breeding, as of course dragons needed to keep their energy up for such activities, but that had to wait for Alphonse to move the big rocks still in the way.

Leading the other back over to his rider, Mytos had Usagi stop for a moment so that he could coax the growing dragon into position. "Just hold out your tail, and keep it straight. Then we'll bring the box to Gerold." Not even the dragon actually knew what was inside the cardboard box, but knowing his rider, it was probably some sort of magic trick. They were going on a long spew about how one day they would get the stoic angel to laugh to see that big, or small, smile.

Today would possibly be that day! Or so Zoren was hoping as he set the box down on Alphy's tail. It was a bit of a relief to be free of its weight, but he still kept his hands on the sides to make sure it didn't fall or tilt too much in one direction. "Alright, all set to go back here, don't walk too fast, but let's head over to wherever Gerold is!"

Going over as he was called, Al wiggled into place to help the pair, still as he held out his tail to have the box rest on it. Even as the weight fully was set on his tail, it remained still until directed to move forward, a slow trudge at first but the excited dragon just wanted to get back to his rider who was keeping himself busy with dragon things. Too busy to come investigate what the other pair had brought. A shame, but that was why they were bringing it to him! So he too could satisfying curiosity inside him.

“Gerold!” Alphone called as they got closer to the back of the breeder’s sanctuary. In the distance the stone house could be seen, but it was too far of a walk for Al to visit the pair there often. “Look what Zoren and Mytos brought!”

“GIve me a moment, the dragon den requires my attention first.” He came out eventually though, dusting off himself of the various colors of feathers as he stared at the large box. “Oh boy, what have you brought now?”

Waving his arms in the air, Zoren greeted the slightly colorful angel with gusto as usual. "Come and see, less you wish for us to come to you! Either way, we brought a present to tickle your fancy, hopefully!" Tacking on the last part after a small pause, he wasn't sure which part they might like most, but hopefully all of it!

Mytos was simply happy his rider was in such high spirits. They became a little distraught at times whenever Kri grabbed at their ears, but thankfully it was a mood easy to amend with a small adventure or visit elsewhere. The dragon would think Usagi would learn his lesson and stay away from the violent one, but alas, they were a persistent sort that insisted he could make anyone's day. This definitely wasn't the case, yet that didn't keep them from trying.