Perhaps....we can save him

7 months, 11 days ago

Leo wants what best for his kit...and somehow what best involves protecting the one he loves.

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When Kit introduced me to you, he referred to you as his partner. I knew right away that he was in love with you. I was there for the boy after the fall of Team Galactic. I have seen how he went from being a happy go lucky child to the somber man I became so familiar with for over a decade. I was there for the boy during the nights he would scream about a monster taking him to some place of distortion. I was there when he would ramble on about questioning if it was worth staying with his family to avoid them knowing of his curse. I was there to be the warm body he held tightly as he sob quietly. I did not give him advice. I did not give him wisdom. I only offer my presence to soothe his wails and whines. When I saw he talked about you, I knew that he was on the path of recovery. I saw him smile more. I saw him make jokes. I saw that young boy that I haven’t seen in so long.

And I won’t lie...I was jealous.

I fear that you would take him away from me. I fear that you would not give him the chance to be there for him. I fear you would take away my position as his comfort. That is why I bite you. That is why I ignore you. That is why I stare at you with no interest. There was no hatred in how I felt. How can I hate someone who cares so much about Kit? However, I will not pretend that I wasn’t jealous of you taking what I originally thought belonged to me. Kit was a part of my pack. He was like a son to me. A son that I felt like I needed.

When Kit mentioned he wanted to propose to you years after we met, I knew that I was going to have to accept that you would be a part of my pack. I knew I would have to push aside my jealousy for the sake of my boy. He told me this before he found the ring to propose to you with. He knew I was jealous about you. He spent that time trying to get me used to you. You fought with him, but he won. Kit always knew how to turn someone as stubborn as me into someone docile with his words. It comes with practice I suppose. Regardless, I decided to treat you with kindness. I did not bite you as much. I allow you to pet me. I became used to your presence. I accepted you as Kit’s mate when you two became married. 

When you two got married, we went on a journey with a few others. It was supposed to be your Honeymoon with Kit..but then you learned your brother was left behind so this honeymoon became a vacation. On the journey there were oddities that popped up. Unfortunately, I didn’t pay too much attention so my summary of it isn’t the best. All I know is that at some point, we arrived back to Kit’s parents home, and Kit took me aside. It was just us, and I was confused as to why. 

“Something is wrong with me. I feel as if something is infecting me. I’m worried...I know I should tell the others...but I don’t want to stress them out especially with what’s going on. I gotta talk to boss…..but if something happens to me, I want you to protect Leon and Hop.”

Kit knew I didn’t like this. Kit knew I didn’t like him lying about something being wrong with him. I told him that I wanted him to tell the others sooner. He told me he would after he talked to his boss. He told me to watch over the kids while they take care of things. Kit said that he would be back with you and Hop in three days. You three were going to Spear Pillar to investigate something. Something about Arceus...I do not remember. All I know is that two days later….

You and Hop came back without my Kit.

You did not explain what happened. You simply went upstairs and vanished. Your Charizard followed you, devoid of the fire that you normally see in his eyes. Hop explained that Kit and his boss were possessed by the Draco Plate. Apparently, the process of possession was slow...and it wasn’t until he arrived to Spear Pillar. Hop said that we should have seen the signs. Hop said they weren’t sure what to do. I was not angry with Hop. I was not angry with you. I was angry for myself for not telling you early. I could have prevented this from happening. I left your brother to deal with being comforted by his Kit’s parents. Then again...I guess it was more so all three mourning losing you. 

And I arrived at Kit’s room because I knew you would be here. 

You are sitting near his bed, clutching the necklace that he has given you on that island. The necklace that belonged to his grandma that he trusted you to keep. Your body is quivering as sobs left your lips. The hat that you fondly wear is disregarded on the ground. Your Charizard is next to you, curled up. He is listening to you, and he is quiet. I can see the look of failure that filled his eyes. You know what he was thinking. I failed him. I failed my owner. I feel that mutual feeling. However, I will not cry.

I approach you, and you look at me. You do not say anything. However, the fact your eyes are watering tells me you either expect me to be angry for the loss of Kit, or I am reminding you of him. Perhaps both. I am sorry for bringing up these emotions. I am sorry for bringing you this hurt. I am so sorry that I failed you and Kit. However, I will not let this happen again. I will save you from this hurt. As such, I look at you and I drop the sign of ownership to the Saito family:

My Pokeball. 

You look at me. You are silent. I do not say anything. I do not need to say anything. I know you’re a smart man. We are one in the same. We are a lion in name but also in heart. We will do anything for our pack and will not back down as we are kings. You are a member of my pack. I have served the Saito family, and I will continue to do so through you. I have made the promise to protect you and Hop...and I will do so starting today. I want your happiness, Leon.

And you know the way we have to get that. 

You finally grabbed my pokeball, and you held it tight. You continue to look at me...but I can see the determination in your eyes. Your Charizard can see it as well and stands up. You place my ball in my pocket, you take off your jacket. You swung it over your shoulders much like a cape. You grab your hat and pluck it on your head as the crown on its underside stands tall. You once again do not speak, but you don’t need to. I know what we are going to do. My Simba, I will be your Mufusa and guide you to the one you deserve. As a Luxray, I hope my sparks would be enough to illuminate the path we must follow to accomplish the goal we have. 

Together, we will be able to bring back Katsu from the claws of that dreadful rock.