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A community full of writers, artists, plush makers & creators alike, share a place to advertise commissions and promote your work!

Have any designs lying around you're looking to trade or sell? Have a P2U/F2U base?

Have a bit of trouble advertising your commissions or YCHS? Or do you just wanna show off your characters? You've came across the right place! Here's the marketsources place!

Feel free to come on in and drop some characters/commissions & art!

Please read our FAQ before asking anything

I noticed a distinct lack of world and accessible places for people to not only share their characters, but adoptables. I aim this to be one of the primary places people are able to share their stuff as well as discover more artists and designers! I genuinely hope this can help a lot of people!

How can I join?

Please share this world in a bulletin! Please leave it up for at least 24 -48hr to allow people to additionally be introduced; it helps us grow and get more attention to this place. If your join request was denied, you either deleted the bulletin or haven't posted it at all!

Join Requests Open!
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When submitting...

  • Please specify in the OCs name if OTA/UFS, trade, etc! Otherwise they'll be denied!
  • Please make sure you follow the submission rules!
  • Please be aware that we do purges of adopts at the begining of every month to keep things clean.
  • If you would like your OC submitted to the gallery, please let us know in the comments of your submission or they will be denied.

Latest Bulletin

Submission Delays

Posted 6 months, 10 days ago by Basaltiskt_Cadaver

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to let folks know again that there will likely be some delay for accepting and sorting submissions for the world over the next few weeks as I've just had top surgery! (I am literally typing this in the recovery ward, havent even left the bed yet, lmao)

I would like to ask for some paitence with your submissions as I prioritize my recovery. Thank you so much in advance 💙.