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Type: Private Boarding school

Location: New England, USA

Classes: Art, Biology, Chemistry, English, Geography, Gym, History, Home Economics, Math, Music, Photography and Shop.


      Dr. Crabblesnitch 
   Faculty • Headmaster
"No expulsions this month! Am I growing soft?"

         Ms. Danvers 
     Faculty • Secretary
"Students are reminded that ridiculous haircuts reflect badly; not only on themselves, but on the academy as a whole."
            Mr. Burton 
    Faculty • Gym Teacher
"Ah, dodgeball! How I love the sound of boys crying in the morning!"



We are currently looking for more Bro's to join our team and lead us to victory!

No Nerds allowed!

- Ted Thompson

Class Schedule

Morning classes start at 9am sharp and ends at 11:30am.

Afternoon classes resume after lunch at 1pm until 3:30pm.


Curfew is at 11pm. If you are caught after curfew, you will be sent to your room immediately.

Lost popularity!

If found, please return to Beatrice.

Love - Mandy


Crazy old man behind the school.
May have rabies.

Don't feed him!

Roleplaying Guild

Looking for new members.
Especially girls.

- Contact Melvin.

Gym Class

Tired of being a wimp?
Better get your butt to gym class.

- Burton

Need money?

Harrington House employs poor students for menial work.

Please see Chad or Gord.

Lost cat

Black cat, answers to name of "Malevich".

Please return to Ms. Philips in Art room.

Football Team

If you miss practice, don't bother showing up again. Broken bones is no excuse.

- Burton

Bad Maths Grades?

See me and we can work something out.

-Mr. Hattrick

Mascot Assaulted

Beating up the mascot is funny, but not allowed.

- Burton

Astronomy Club

Meeting postponed due to jock attacks.

Harrington House Social Event

Monday at 7:00 PM.

By invitation only.


Money needed for football team.

- Burton

Pillow Fight

Girl's dorm.

No boys allowed.

Cheerleading Tryouts

Beatrice, you didn't make it.

Love - Mandy

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Rules are Regulations

Section I - Peer to Peer Behaviour
Rules concerning interpersonal behaviour at Bullworth Academy

Section I, Article I - Do unto others
All students are expected to behave in a civilized manner reflecting the institution's upstanding morals and principles.
No bullying or harassment of other students, whether physical or verbal, will be tolerated. Students found in violation of this rule will face disciplinary action commensurate with the offence, to be determined by the principle of Bullworth Academy.

Section I, Article II - Fighting
There shall be absolutely no fighting or physical skirmishing of any kind. Violators of this rule will be met with the harshest of punishment, and repeat offenders will be summarily expelled. Furthermore, witnesses of instances of fisticuffs shall report to the nearest teacher or prefect immediately. The preservation of peace and gentility at the school is paramount.

Section I, Article III - Gender Relations
There are to be no displays of affection with the opposite sex. Appropriate behaviour is expected form students of both genders at all times. Any and all impropriety on campus must be reported to the nearest teacher or prefect.

Section II - Safety
Rules to ensure on-campus caution and safety.

Section II, Article I - Orderly Conduct
Haste is a sure path to accident and injury. For the safety of yourself and your peers, Bullwoth Academy mandates a strict no-running policy. Students must walk on school grounds in an orderly manner. This will help avoid collisions, nasty spills and trips to the school infirmary.

Section II, Article II - Bicycles
Bicyclists are required to ride in a safe and courteous manner on campus. Bicycle tricks and other reckless riding are absolutely prohibited. Students planning on riding a bicycle during the school year are required to sign a waiver form. Bicycles are never permitted indoors and must be kept at designated bike racks. Student must mind the security of their own bicycles - chaining and locking is highly recommended. However, in the case of bicycle theft, perpetrators will be disciplined with the strictest recourse by the Academy Principle.

Section III - School Property & Privileges
Rules to remind students of the privileges and responsible use of school property.

Section III, Article I - Student Lockers
Student lockers are only to be used for storing school books and coursework materials.

Section III, Article II -

Section III, Article II -

Section IIII - Curfew

Section IIII, Article I - Curfew

Section V - Personal standards & Hygiene

Section V, Article II -

Section V, Article II -

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