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Welcome to the world of Vrenes! A Closed Species RPG group created by Rynnu. Vrenes are a kemonomimi dragon species that like to play and compete with each other! We use Toyhouse as an information hub, where you can easily find all important links and announcements. Discord is our main hub for activities, earning points, and interacting with others! We have plans to further develop the Toyhouse world so that it is also useable by Toyhouse members, but earning points to buy MYO slots will be exclusive to the Discord.

Be sure to join our Discord for adoptable events, and look out for MYO announcements here on Toyhouse!

+18 Closed Species Adoptables LGBTQ+ Here Be Dragons Magic and Familiars

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March: A well deserved rest

Welcome into March! I hope everyone is ready for spring and are looking forward to meeting plenty of new Vrenes and Dreemis throughout the month~ There are no major events planned for the month outside of the usual prompts! This month the Guest Artist team will focus on creating fun Vrenes not tied to any particular theme. I hope you look forward to the new GAs first Vrenes as well! This month is a well deserved break for our hard-working GAs!