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Welcome to the Art Club! This world was made by a bunch of users, for a bunch of users! The goal for this world is to create a community of artists who're looking to share their work on Basically just trying to use as a social media since this site is for artists and writers alike! We're an all ages community and it's still very much in the work so please be patient as I try to get through everything.



  • Jan. 25th, 2024: Taking the last submissions of the featured characters for February. Will be posting a Valentines special event.
  • Jan. 1st, 2024: Happy New Year! There is now a bulletin with a break down of the new changes coming soon!
  • Nov.15th, 2023: I made the Featured Work Form! Please feel free to fill it out as you'd like.
  • Nov. 15th, 2023: Continuation of working on the rules and regulations of the THAC! Maybe seeking out mods.


Taking the last of the Featured OCs forms for February!

Featured Character Form




Howdy! My name is booger! I'm a digital artist who is trying to create a more interactive community in If you have any questions, feel free to DM me or ask in the QnA forum.


Hey all, I'm Astraios! I'm an OC digital artist with many, many interests. Feel free to DM me with any issues or enquiries! :)



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Latest Bulletin

Where'd the CSS go?

Posted 2 months, 9 days ago by boo_ger

Quick little bulletin to talk about THAC members' potential thoughts?
Where'd the CSS go??

So, the short of it is:
A more recent user had requested that the CSS be changed from light-mode
to dark-mode since it hurt their eyes! So in wanting to be friendly to users with
eye-strain sensitivities, I changed it to dark-mode. Which landed on another issue-
that being for those who had coded their art threads to have light themes.

So now we'll revert back to no CSS which is a thought I had when beginning
the THAC; simply to celebrate the website's multi-themed (cursed) pages.
(I won't lie and say that when the world CSS idea was brought up I got excited
at the potential of having a really cool and unique world theme but ALAS!! )

I want this to be user friendly for everyone and if it means we have an
incredibly basic world theme; that's ok because what really matters is
that the place where ppl can share their art is accessible <3!!

I also wanna clarify that this bulletin was made as clarification and
NOT to blame anyone!! When typing that I worried that's how the tone
would come across when in reality, I'm writing this to just sort of explain
the process.

If anyone else has any needs, please please let me know or drop it
in the Suggestions forum so ppl can talk about it!

Thanks for your time <3
- boo_ger