Thanks for checking this out! This is a space for organising art games that work better with a limited group size. Examples include collabs, switcharound games and broken telephone. I'm using Worlds because the forum lets me replicate the forum game style without making these games available to the entire world.

In the future, I think it'd be very possible for others to organise art games if they like, though I'm not sure how signups would work yet. Working on it 🤔

Feel free to request an invite if you like. Except in extremely rare circumstances, I will accept it. :)

Rules and notes

There's no time limit for completion of your part of any game. But do take responsibility for your part, as these games can sometimes break down if even one participant chooses not to turn in their stuff!

If you do join a game and need to back out, please say so ASAP.

General rules apply: no NSFW and squicky content outside NSFW threads, be kind, be polite, don't criticise someone's creations unless they ask for it.

I'd recommend that you subscribe to the thread of any game you're a part of. Have fun!

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