Beromimis's Bulletins

[!] Discontinuing Beromimis CS

Posted 2 years, 3 months ago by umino-mari

Hello everyone! I want to announce you can change your Beromimi traits now by buying some swap potions~!
This is still a bit under construction, but I'm sure it will go well. You can make almost any change, and if you have any idea I'm more than open to hear it! I might add more stuff or remove if necessary~

Just click here below to buy and read the rules. You will be able to buy them (probably) at any time and you can access through a link in this TH world page.


Hopefully, I can be quick and efficient at dealing with this, but of course this will still be under "trial time" for a bit ><)'
Thank you so much everyone for the patience! Soon I'll come with some bases from me, I've been wanting to do them for ages.

For personal reasons, there won't be MYO or GA slots this December and I might make, starting from January, them to be open every 2 months.
There is still one MYO slot left from the November batch, in case you're interested!

Also, I will be using this world and the Discord server for these small updates! ´v` )b