Beromimis are a closed species created by umino-mari back in 2015. They are kemonomimis with stuffed ears and tails, with a childish body type and they come in some many ways! Beros normally carry a plush that is alike to them, though this can change sometimes. Check out their info and lore to know more about them!

Beromimis have a really nice community and everyone who just likes the species is free to join this world, the DA world or the Discord server... what are you waiting for?


Coming soon...Bases from umino-mari and a Valentines day event!

17/Dec/19 You can now edit your Beromimi traits by buying some potions!

17/Nov/19 For personal reasons, this December won't have MYO or GA slots. Stay tuned for January!

08/Nov/19 10 MYO slots and 3 GA subscriptions every month! Stay aware on the Discord channel and my DA to be notified.

08/Nov/19 Beromimis TH World has been updated and is currently under construction. Species and Lore have been fully updated.

12/Oct/19 Secret Santa event going on! Inscriptions have been closed and the drawing must be done before 20th of December!

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Do you want to edit your Bero but you can't because of the rules?
See here the new changes you can make to your Bero, you can also add wings!



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