World & Lore


Beromimis live on a magical kingdom far away in a different world, Nebaland. All Beros were human souls at first who lived in the Earth.
They could only think about themselves and about money, hurting others and only having material desires, so the soul completely forgot what being really happy is.

The best and truest happiness is when you are a child and innocent and life is amazing. Even those human's children weren't happy, only thinking about growing up, addicted to themselves on a world made for adults thirsty of power and material goods, trying to avoid real human contact. All these souls were trapped on a cycle of reincarnation to commit the same mistakes, over and over again until there was not a piece of happiness or good in themselves. They were lost. 

The first Beros then, were missguided human souls that when they were alive only caused pain to themselves and others. The sorcerer gave them stuffed ears and tails and showed them what truly living was, so they became happy. The sorcerer did that to teach those souls a lesson but making it in a compassionate and loving way. They would reincarnate in Nebaland and live a Beromimi life that would teach the soul a bit of good, kindness and happiness so when they go back to the Earth the soul will have a bit more power to not commit the same mistakes again. Once they return to the Earth, though, they will have the good and the bad in them, like we all humans do.

Since their personalities are kind and they don't desire power or money anymore, they chose a king/queen and made a kingdom in Nebaland, and since then they elect a new one every ten years or when the ruler doesn't want to rule anymore.
They rule themselves, since all of them love living in a community and will never try to harm others. So if there's any need on Nebaland, there will always be someone who will offer to help, and although there exists money, they usually prefer trading for goods and services.


Nebaland is a magic world in the sky, inspired by Neverland from Peter Pan. Where children never grow up, Beromimis live in this peaceful place, where you can find a peaceful and relaxed home, beach and mountains.

The world is placed in a giant cloud in a different world (or dimension). Not all Beromimis are born or live in this world, since there's a magic portal that lets you travel to another dimension. Only Beromimis are allowed to live here though, since this place was for Beros to live peacefully.


Inside the world, there's a small village with shops, a school, even a fountain! Outside the center of the village there are the houses of Beromimis, and each one has one for them (they can also share houses!).
Here you can find a little map of the small village that is placed in Nebaland (it still hasn't a name and I'm open for suggestions).


Beromimis can travel to other worlds and live there if they want using a magic portal but only Beromimis are allowed to enter to Nebaland.
This way, Beros can live with other species in other worlds and dimensions and they can return here whenever they want.