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Can I make my own Ornares?
You can only make your own Ornare if you own a valid MYO slot or are one of our Guest Artists. Currently, we are not actively seeking Guest Artist but applications are open indefinitely and can be found here.

How can I get an Ornare?
Currently, the only ways to get Ornares are through official adoptables or customs from calisto and eikyrona. Future MYO opening will be announced.

I don't have an Ornare, can I join the community anyways?
Yes, anyone 15 yrs or over can join our communities, but keep in mind that our groups are focused on Ornares' topics.

Who do I contact in case of inquiries?
If you didn't find answers in our FAQ and guides, you can contact us...

  • In the questions channel of our Discord Server or via ticket channel.
  • Note us via the DeviantArt group
  • DM our Instagram adoptable account
  • DM our Toyhouse admin account

Please do not DM any of our staff. Important messages will be lost in DMs.
You will get the quickest reply through our Discord Server via ticket channels.

I can't view some of the pages on Toyhouse!
Some of our pages are set on viewable for members only. You should be able to view it when you are a member of the Ornares world.











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