/* ====
---- Louboutin
---- CSS by 8byte

---- Do not redistribute.
---- Do not remove credit.
==== */
import url('https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Barlow+Condensed:300,400,500,600');
import url('https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Fira+Sans:300,400,500,600');

/* ==== FONTS ==== */
$accent-font: Barlow Condensed;
$main-font: Fira Sans;

/* ==== IMAGES ==== */
%main-bg {
  background: url(https://www.toptal.com/designers/subtlepatterns/uploads/double-bubble-outline.png);
  background-repeat: repeat;

/* ==== COLORS ==== */
$main-color: #000000;
$inverted-main: #ffffff;
$font-color: #252527;

$main-accent: #8f3333;
$second-accent: #918181;
$third-accent: #bbb8b5;

/* ==== TOGGLES ==== 
---- Please read the documentation on the CSS page 
---- to understand what each of these toggles do.
$profile-type: character;
$hide-top-bar: true;
$hide-recent-images: false;

/* ==== IMPORT LINK ==== */
import '0/12682/mDQ82V/louboutin';    

louboutin world html

this CSS is also meant to be paired with this HTML, a revamp of the HTML I created with the original Louboutin world CSS bundle... which was also my very first CSS.


CSS can only be used by premium toyhouse members. Make sure you are able to use CSS before purchase.

This CSS can be used on:

Character Profiles User Profiles Worlds

color options

#000000 $main-color
#ffffff $inverted-main
#252527 $font-color
#8f3333 $main-accent
#918181 $second-accent
#bbb8b5 $third-accent

additional customization options

  • $accent-font for headings and titles
  • $main-font for all other text
  • %main-bg for the background (can be image, pattern, or solid color)
  • $hide-top-bar can be set to true or false to show the top bar where character name, avatar, creation date, and tags are.
  • $profile-type can be set to character, user or world
  • $hide-recent-images can be set to true or false to show or hide recent images