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Howdey! I think the HTML code page has gone down

should be fixed now! thanks for letting me know!

Using this!!

Though I wanted to ask, is there a way to show the icons on the sidebar? :O

Yes, but you'll have to write that override yourself!

Oooh, okay! I don't exactly know how I'd do that though so it's fine :)
Thank you!!

Is there a way to make the bg not repeat? :0

where it says background-repeat, change that to no-repeat

Thank you sm!!

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Yes, but you will need to overwrite that CSS yourself!

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Thank you!

how do u show icons?

what do you mean?

is there any HTML you reccomend with this code? i used it btw!

it's a fairly simple CSS, so most bootstrap HTML should work with it!

I decided to just 

Go crazy stupid yk?

it looks lovely!