Wolf Squad



2 months, 8 days ago


This is Alaric's friend group ! They're all rejects of their own werewolf clans and united into their new found family. They are all roomates in a pretty cramped flat all together, but they always stick together and help eachother.

Lucian they/them : They are the youngest of the bunch, still studying in highschool and trying their best to fit in even thought they're anxiety isn't helping and they end up skipping school many days of the week. The clan they used to be part of excluded them after a terrible fight where they almost died, having now their scars as a reminder. They were deemed to weak for the clan and thus exiled. Luckily for them, they were find later on by Sonia.

Sonia she/her : Sonia is an albino werewolf who also happened to be mute. Her disability was unfortunately the reason why her clan got rid of her. She is a strong-willed individual and acts as the mom of the group, caring and scolding them when needed. She is sassy and sarcastic but at the end of the day she loves all of them. She studies psychology at university and shares a room with Lenore.

Lenore she/her : She is probably the strongest one of the bunch, also the tallest. She was by far the strongest of her clan and had proved her might many times, however the eldest of her clan were not ready to accept a female being their leader. So, she left, knowing she was their most valuable asset, and went about creating her own clan. It may be small but it's her family now and she'd do anything for them. She works as a Lacrosse team coach and is very strict on being healthy.

Seth he/him : He's probably the most laid back of the group. He's pretty chill and he's a big flirt. He and Alaric used to boyfriends as well before they realize they were better off as friends. He's working two jobs to afford their flat and food for everyone. Barista in a café and working at the cash register in a cinema. However when he finally has some free time, his hobby is to write, dreaming of one day becoming a published author.

Blake he/they : He's the troublemaker of the group, always up for some mischief (or to party hard !) he often drags Alaric or Seth into his crazy ideas. They're always full of energy and working as an intern at a radio station, working towards one day, getting their own radio show ! He and Seth were originally from the same werewolf clan and where excluded solely because of their orientation and gender identities.

Alaric he/him : He already got his full profile here but basically he wouldn't be anywhere without this new found family. They welcomed him in their home and he acts like a true brother with them.