9 years, 18 days ago



Twilax was born to loving parents in Moonvale. Both her parents and her younger sister were Mystics, and she was the only Common in her household.

Twilax was always very jealous of the ability to feel the magic flow of Nophra that mystics had. She eventually learned of Exalted Focuses, and secretly began researching them in the hopes that she’d be able to feel it too. She became very reclusive and her family became increasingly worried about her. They didn’t know exactly what Twilax was going through, just that something was off. 

Eventually she learns of Shinkami, and sneaks away from home in the night. She didn’t know where the staff was, but she was fairly certain she’d found a promising lead. She does end up eventually uncovering the staff, but it rapidly becomes evident she wouldn’t ever be able to use its power in any significant way. 

Twilax refused to leave the staff behind. At this point she’d spent most of her life looking for it, and she continued to be consumed by the idea of using magic. Eventually she teaches herself how to use the staff well enough, but she is constantly tempted by its full power.

* Can be drawn with long or short hair! Always has the side pieces though.