Twilax (Futuristic AU)



2 years, 6 months ago


A futuristic cyber-style AU. I haven't come up with much for her except her design, so this is a WIP.

Some stuff:

⯁ She's still from my headword but from an alternate universe that is far into the future
⯁ Her legs are fully mechanical and her nerves are surgically connected to them. They connect to her brain via the tube that starts at the back of her head.
⯁ Her main weapon is a whip made of light that she can generate. (pretty much exactly like this) It's sharp and it'l cut through pretty much anything like butter.
⯁ Since her legs are robotic she can do crazy stuff like run super fast and lift really heavy stuff. She'll break your shins if you upset her.
⯁ She doesn't really feel pain because of how modified her body is.
⯁ She'd probably be considered a bad guy
⯁ Her design is not concrete and can be changed depending on how whoever is drawing her is feeling like doing. it's canon 'cause she performs upgrades/repairs on herself all the time.