Munin (Munin)



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Basic Info

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Biomech Pretorian


Same Munin, but a few thousand years older and with a few upgrades.


Similar to his original build, he still retains the same black and red coloration, but with less hard edges. He now possesses a form of fleshy connective tissue between his joints, and his outer shell is less metal and more a chitin.


While he still isn't exactly a people person, he's not nearly as awkward as he used to be. He's had enough experience to read organic social interactions and adapt accordingly. He doesn't participate much in crowds unless he has to, but at least when he has to he's no longer afraid of them. The years have also given him a rather expert grasp of candid, dry humor.


Years of experience in expertise over the creation of nanites, and biomechanical tech. Simply due to his years of existence, there are few that are capable to match his knowledge in both fields and they are fields he still studies to this day, to upgrade and advance his own form. Due to experience and necessity, he's also become very good at stealth and reconnaissance, even has advanced his own body to incorporate a form of optical camouflage to aid in his endeavors.  

Personal Life

Now no longer under any obligation to any one group or a war, he drifts from place to place attempting to find purpose. His drifting has led him to Daga, who he now lives with and assists in her activities. He spends the rest of his time dabbling in new technologies and taking in entertainment media of various kinds.


Having survived the war, he lived for some time with Avis in hiding as no presiding governing body wanted to house or protect what was now considered banned military-grade weapons. Both he and Avis were not considered people, but property, intended to be destroyed upon recovery. They spent several decades together until Avis felt it time was enough to pass on and the two made a suicide pact. But when it came time to pull the failsafe and short themselves out for good, Munin panicked, dredging up old fears and couldn't go through with it, when Avis did. Try as he might, he couldn't muster the will to go through with it and off himself.

Ashamed of his own decision and the fear of being completely alone, he tried to find some solution to make it easier to kill himself but froze at every option. Eventually, he attempted the only solution that he could bring himself to follow through with, putting himself into a stasis state and hope time itself would kill him. Not wanting to be potentially awoken and pulled apart for testing while he could still be recovered, he hid himself in deep storage he knew wasn't to be accessed, at least if it were to be it would be well after his dying reserves would be spent. 

His plan mostly worked, unfortunately, he was found sooner than anticipated, or rather, his reserve power was much more persistent than he ever realized. Found by a curious individual, they had been powered back on, not in any government facility but someone's own home centuries after he had shut himself down. To his relief, they were much more interested in his historical knowledge than they were in his body. For a time he remained active, getting to know his 'rescuer' and how the world had changed around him and the planet's new spacefaring activities. He couldn't exist legally, still, so he once again found himself living in hiding and fear of the outside world. He lived in secret for a few decades more until his rescuer passed away. Alone again, he shut himself down again, hoping time would finally take him for real, this time. 

This was not to be as, once again, he had been found and awoke by a good Samaritan, this time it was someone looking to recover robotic parts. They were not as benevolent as their last rescuer, so he didn't stick around very long. Several more centuries had passed, how he managed to live this long is a mystery to him. Everything had changed completely, space-faring had become normal, and more importantly, autonomous robotic were commonplace. Realizing his passive way of ending his existence wasn't going to work, he decided to explore and remain around, either he'd be killed in his endeavors or he'd at least be entertained. He was much better at surviving and adapting in the new setting than he anticipated, and found new goals to keep him occupied in his new, unexpected existence. His travels eventually led him to Daga, whom he continues to travel with.