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You miss too many details if you go too fast.


Probably the most down-to-earth mothcat of his family, Demetrius is easy to talk with and excellent at giving advice. He makes for a good companion, as he is willing to cooperate with all types of cats, including the annoying ones like his brother. One can rely on Demetrius to be there for him, and he'll expect little back.

Despite all of this, however, he can be uncontrollably awkward. Demetrius is not one for crowds or strangers, so meeting someone new can be a difficult task for him. Words don't come easily for the mothcat, and if he ends up flustered--which is often with new friends--he can be hard to understand. This eventually comes to pass, though, once you allow him to get to know you better.


  • Meditating
  • Solitary
  • Traveling


  • Loud Noises
  • Bright Lights
  • Energetic Mothcats


  • Classic Antennae
  • Tufted Ears
  • Classic Mane
  • Classic Wings
  • Bob Tail
  • Classic Eyes (Round Pupils)


  • He almost always keeps his eyes closed


As their daughter grew close to losing her kitten fur, Cyrus and March had decided they wanted another child of their own. They had just recently adopted another orphan mothkitten into their family, and they loved the idea of Raidyn having a playmate that was around his age. What they weren't expecting, though, were to have two mothkittens! They were only prepared for one, so as their two new bundles of joy developed in their cocoons, the parents frantically got a second bed ready.

The first one to come out of his cocoon was a bright blue mothkitten with moon markings on his cheeks. He was excitable from the moment he stepped out, and the family was just as excited to meet the new family member--well, everyone but Sakura. They named him Lysander. With their new son wrapped up in their paws, they waited as patiently as they could for the second cocoon to hatch. But alas, it wasn't the day.

In fact, the second cocoon took over a week to hatch after its brother. And even when it did, the mothkitten that emerged was small and weak. But the grumpiness in his wails told his parents that he would be okay. He was a dull purple, a complete opposite to his twin brother in both appearance and personality. So they named him Demetrius.

Most of Demetrius' kittenhood was subtle. He watched as his older sister, Sakura, grew out of her kitten fur, his elder adopted brother found love, and his twin brother cause the most trouble anyone could think a mothkitten could cause. Although he loves Lysander, Demetrius tended to stay away from him, not quite having the same energy as him. Rather, he preferred to spend time with Raidyn. Both of them were calmer and had more peaceful personalities. He also spent a lot of his time with Thyme, Riggs' bumblebun companion.

And his life continued like this until that one fateful day. Demetrius had gotten separated from his family on a walk and, ultimately, gotten completely lost in the forest. After wandering for what felt like forever, Demetrius feared he may never see anyone, much less his own family, ever again. So he was thankful that that didn't end up being the case when a mothcat approached him and took him under their wing. He didn't know who they were, but after being alone for a few days, he didn't care.

He found out that the mothcat was named Amalthea. They were a cave-dwelling mothcat that claimed that forest to be their home. Demetrius became fascinated with them. They taught him about some concepts that he had never thought of before, how to help care for himself, despite being a mothkitten, and so much more. The two ended up becoming more than just some reluctant roommates in a damp cave for a few weeks. They became something of apprentice and mentor, although what of neither of them were sure. So when Amalthea told Demetrius it was time to leave, he was devastated, but agreed that his family needed him.

Demetrius became the talk of the village when he returned, and his mother didn't let him out of his sight. He never even got to say goodbye to Amalthea, who had disappeared in the shadows after bringing him home. But he knew they would meet again. While he waited for that day, though, he had to continue growing up with his family keeping a close eye on him. Though none of them would admit it to him directly, he knew they were afraid of him disappearing again. He wondered if he would have.

And so Demetrius grew. He was quite amused when he passed Lysander in height, and then his kitten fur shed to reveal the swirls underneath. Though when he tried to open his eyes, which had turned into a deep gold that reminded Cyrus of his father, everything was a blur. He could hardly distinguish one object from another, save for the different colors. He, with the help of his father, came to the conclusion that he could easily be legally blind like Cyrus is. His father had suggested getting him glasses, but Demetrius turned down the idea. He would learn to live as if he was blind, and he keeps his eyes shut to prevent headaches.

Of course, Lysander and Raidyn grew up, too. Raidyn had found himself a loving boyfriend, which Demetrius had worried about given his adopted brother's quills. Lysander decided to become a mage apprentice, leaving home in search of his mentor. This is when Demetrius decided it was time he leaves and finds his mentor, too. It had been too long since he had last seen Amalthea.



Demetrius loves his father, though they aren't too close. Cyrus always tried to get closer to Demetrius, but as a mothkitten, Demetrius kept to himself often. This put a bit of a strain on their relationship. It may not seem like it from the outside, though. They can still hold a conversation and act as a father and son duo.

Deep down, though, Demetrius cares for his father. He admires Cyrus' everlasting love for March and his devotion to his work. Demetrius hopes to become like Cyrus someday when he settles down, and maybe then they'll be able to connect over a shared topic.



Demetrius is quite close to March. As his mother, she spends quite a lot of time with him, as she does with all of her children. After going missing for a period of time as a kitten, though, she began to pay extra attention to Demetrius. This caused them to develop a close bond that she doesn't have with the rest of her children.

Of course, this means that it's harder to leave March. As he prepares to leave for his journey, Demetrius knows his biggest regret will be leaving his mother behind. But he also knows that she is the number one supporter he has at all times, and that will never change.



Without a doubt, Demetrius would say that his relationship with Sakura is a bit of a hot mess. She never really liked him or his brother to begin with, and that feeling still seems to linger despite how much they've grown up. While Demetrius doesn't return the feeling, he isn't sure how to go about communicating with her.

That being said, he still loves and cares for his older sister. He sees a lot of potential in her if she would just slow down. If he could, Demetrius would like to mend his relationship with Sakura, even if it may never be a so-called normal brother-sister relationship.



His twin brother, his biggest nuisance, and the closest friend he has. Demetrius hates to admit it--and often times will never openly do so--but he loves and adores his brother. He isn't sure he would be the same cat without Lysander's loud personality to balance him out.

The two are a pair in most of what they do. The moment that Lysander decided to set out to pursue his interest in magic, Demetrius felt lost without the presence of his brother. So, although they aren't traveling together, they both left the house around the same time. And in doing so, it created a silent agreement to return around the same time too. Demetrius looks forward to the day he sees his twin again.



Demetrius' eldest sibling, and a strange one at that. Although Roux has similar energy as Lysander does, they output it in a very different fashion. It makes it a bit harder for Demetrius to actually connect with Roux, as he often misinterprets the energy and goes about it in a similar way that he would with Lysander. This often leads to many awkward conversations between the two.

Nevertheless, the two are still family and they work around their differences to make ends meet. They still work hard to get along with each other, and they make it work somehow. Though Demetrius couldn't say that he's close with Roux, they're pretty great to have for a sibling.



While Riggs and Demetrius are close on a spiritual level, being that their personalities are quite similar, they surprisingly don't talk or interact with each other as they do with the rest of their family members. They see each other all the time at home, but the majority of their interactions are just a nod of acknowledgment before going about their days. Demetrius thinks this is because Riggs respects his space, knowing that Demetrius doesn't much care for idle chat.

This doesn't mean that Demetrius doesn't love Riggs, though. Despite the fact that Riggs is his brother through adoption, they are family and that's what matters. Demetrius is thankful to have such a caring big brother in the family and knows that he can trust Riggs to take care of his parents while he's away.



Aside from Lysander, Raidyn is the second closest sibling that Demetrius has. The two often spent time together as mothkittens, mostly to avoid having to deal with Lysander alone. Despite Raidyn being the older of the two, Demetrius is always worrying about him and concerned for his well-being. He knows that Raidyn is a bit on the nervous side and, therefore, has a hard time getting along with others. Harder than Demetrius. 

But seeing Raidyn grow up and find himself a significant other has since eased Demetrius' mind. He's finding he feels a lot better leaving his big adoptive brother to go out into the world on his own. Demetrius will always be there for Raidyn, though, and he's not afraid to let him know that.



Avalon is the newest addition to Demetrius' large family, and while most of the family seems a bit put off by their youngest's personality, Demetrius finds it endearing. They remind him of his old friend, Amalthea, to the point that he tries to get to know Avalon more whenever possible. This often doesn't work, though, as it's clear Avalon only sees Riggs. But Demetrius still wants to try.



The mothcat that Demetrius calls his mentor. Although that wasn't really their relationship, Demetrius learned a lot from Amalthea in the short time that they lived together. After returning home, he often found himself wishing he was back in the cave with Amalthea, learning about life and the wonders of it. He misses Amalthea.

Now that Demetrius is grown up and can support himself, he has made it his goal to seek Amalthea again. He was told by the enigmatic, cave-dwelling mothcat that they would meet again, and Demetrius was ready for that day to come. He looks forward to when it comes true as he seeks his mentor, thinking about the many things they have to catch up on.