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Welcome to TH page! I have ocs, closed species, and various designs for sale most of the time. Any inquiries on anyone outside of my sale/trade folders will be ignored! All of my content here is sfw. You can find me on DA @ . Breaking any rules or boundaries will result in a blacklist and/or a block.

Do not
  • Copy, trace, or steal my designs or art!
  • Use my art for NFTs or AI!
  • Break my TOS in any way shape or form!
  • Offer on characters outside of my trade/sale folder!
  • Draw NSFW or fetish of ANY of my characters. If I want something I'll commission it myself.
Content Warnings
  • Brightly colored designs.
  • Sensitive topics (death, drug usage, trauma, etc).
  • Body horror, blood, monsters, etc.
  • Mostly furries, quadrupeds, and dragons!
  • Strong language!

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