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This is a fan character for Patapon game series.

Species: patapon uberhero

Age: adult

♦ Pronouns: she/her

Personality type: ISFJ 9w1, lawful good, phlegmatic-melancholic

♦ Weapon type: pikes and lances

Bibi is a patapon uberhero and a part of Team Slash. Although being a part of a team made for completing difficult quests, she doesn't like fighting as much. The reason for that is that she is not a very good fighter - she feels like she wasn't made for it. But Bibi continues to train so that she doesn't disappoint her comrades. She gets better every day! Her fighting skills are average, while Domino's and Mantitora's are higher. 

But why would Bibi join a team if she struggles to keep up with her friends? That's because Bibi likes to help others! She is social, polite and can't ignore a patapon in distress. Bibi wants to make the world a better place. Bibi can be gullible, though, and is sometimes subjected to teasing from Domino. Despite the teasing, they usually get along, though. Because Bibi is nice, Domino feels guilty for making her sad.

Other than completing quests she likes sorting and cleaning (Domino and Mantitora suck at these things) and also growing flowers!