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Friendos that aren't my OCs: Wolfy ( @Wolfys-Autumn ) i still can't link other peoples ocs on the link tab, toyhouse should have made the request link for other ocs not a submit button-

Here's Echo. One of my fursonas. Both of my fursonas are male for some reason..Ok, so heres a quick runthrough of things. I talk about his species in terms of use.

Echo is a robot made for the purpose of singing. A Re-Peat bot. So basically heres his story, long story short.

He was made in a factory, at first start up he had an oil spill, and it was before he opened his eyes, so he has no memory of it because he physically can't unless he was completely started up because he was forced to shut down when the person who designed Echo realized that oil was leaking out through his eyes. Now that oil sorta stains his fur. He was fixed, but the company decided to scrap him as he was a Re-Peat bot with oil stained "tears". So Re-Peat Bot U1700CN 'Echo' was thrown out. (That stands for UNIT: 1700 Codename/name: Echo. All Re-Peat bots have a unit which is what number re-peat bot they are so yeah. 1700 is fairly early. 8900 is more of the modern number. Because he was an unsellable design because of the oil-spill, he was thrown out into the alleyway of a simple city. Later, my (god) oc, Nightmare found him laying there, and started him up. He now praises Nightmare as his creator 

(which is kINDA true because Nightmare and her sisters helped create humans after 1999 when they got bored of all their other godly dutys since they can literally do them with a snap of their hand, and designing a person is more interesting plus they had to design how they die and their job and stuff which can change over time.. So yeah.)

Nightmare took him to Mesmerium ('apt complex' where all of my ocs live) and he became best friends with Azazel and Wraith. He's almost never seen without one of the two. Azazel is more of his friend and protects him more.

He hates robophobic stuff (This is probably K1-B0's fursona lol)/people who say robots don't have feelings. The Re-Peat bot was made to be as human-like as possible which is why they recharge with sleep. Also, they can't really 'DIE' because people can fix them.

Some have illegally tampered with Re-Peat bots that they do-or-do-not own (AKA they bought, stole, or designed the robot at the factory) so they can harm or do something bad to those who own it (if they designed the bot) or protect the person/kill other people for the persons enjoyment. These are called Tampered RP Bots or Corrupt RP bots. Corrupt RP bots are the more proper term. Their eyes are always really bright and the color of the fluid they have, and generally more agressive unless they were tampered with to be an assassin or something similar.

His blood is the same color as his electrical fluid charge stuff. Also talking about the "electrical fluid charge stuff" IT BASiCALLY has the properties and looks of a lava lamp, except it isn't hot.

Personality: Smol bean, innocent, depressed but it doesn't show, always negative or positive depending usually trying to be optimistic, stutters a lot,

He would be weak without weapons (Re-Peat bots do have much gear installed into them. Like Echo has rocket boots, a gun on his arm, etc. The description if you buy one does not say this, mostly because they would get in trouble. They are equipped with this gear for EXTREME situations such as a thief or murderer. They will try their damnedest not to kill another. Unless they are Corrupt, they are programmed to hate death and killing. A lot of Re-Peat bots are depressed because their owner died. They are either re-sold, put up for adoption, they leave home or they are given to another member of the family, usually a child if they have one. Re-peat bots are definitely misused and treated horribly, but most people see them as a friend or companion. Theirs definetly people who hate the idea (anti-robot people and such) who would simply buy one just to abuse or mistreat them. If they are abused, they -usually- run away, cower in fear, or fight back very rarely.

BTW They can obviously have owners as Re-Peat bots are sold off as a product.

I haven't thought of the company name yet, but it'd probably be along the lines of "Simply robotics" or "Live robotics". Yeah, they probably go by both.

Ask questions below maybe. Also, I have a sorta-kinda-reference-sheet but the thing is I'm on my Chromebook and DA's blocked so i can't get it until google images restocks the images.

Romance: Echo is much more romantic than sexual in a relationship. He absolutely loves to cuddle and kiss his partner. Also just to go anywhere with them. He would sacrifice almost anything for his partner, as they are extremely important to him. Also he has never had a partner before anyways. -highlight to see- (also, yes he does have a dick but it's not... visible. its sorta inside his lower area and can get out if he lets it so yEAHAHAHHA but its only a thing in like nsfwrps he doesntrllyhave a dick in non-nsfw) Well, yeah. Anyways he will fall and he will fall HARD. If a relationship fails he will pretty much be dead inside. He will most likely have relationships with those who he expects to betray him or to not be 'the one'. So he may or may not expect it.

Typical info I stole from Echo's charahub.

Birthday: April 4th *some year in the far future*

Sign: Pisces

S/O: None at moment

Sexuality: Bisexual

Likes: Sweet stuff, cute things, most music, usually music made on soundcloud or youtube, other robots, drawing *He does it when he's sad or mad. Its his venting system*

Dislikes: Anything negative
really, hate, people who are anti-robot *Aka they hate robots basically*, People who think robots have no emotions, and are just our servants, sour things *Excluding lemonade/limeade* etc.

Strengths: Singing, Dancing, Drawing, Putting up a good argument, fighting *He is equipped with a lot of weird stuff, like jetpack boots/feet and weapons*

Weaknesses: Hate. He is extremely vulnerable to hate. He's a fragile wolf bean tbh. One or two comments doesn't phase him that much, but like a huge wall of hate against him/robots/RePeat Bots/something he likes makes him really sad and depressed even more. He tends to not sleep as much as he should.