Name Veltaire

Element Undefined

Age / Birthday ??? / Mar 19

Home World 13th World

Gender Male

Role In-Game Supporting

Species Pseudo-Magician

Otome Game Site Magical Otoge Anholly







Release Status Released: MO Anholly
Upcoming: MO Melanie

Theme Credits Eggy


  • bright and bubbly people
  • new experiences
  • being kind to others


  • his boss
  • his eyes (he thinks they might be frightening)
  • necessary sacrifices


A mysterious man who begins to visit Anholly, but keeps his distance before she can learn more about him. Polite, professional, and a bit awkward, Veltaire is a gentleman who hasn't had much experience with the outside world. As his role requires it, he tries to be more detached, but his heart won't allow it.

His true identity is a terminal of the Natural Order of the World, the consciousness of the 13th world that awoke as a response to several disasters on the planet. One of these disasters is the fact that the 13th world originally didn't have a Magician. The Order attempted to create Veltaire in the image of the universe's creator (Clavie) to fulfill the role, but ultimately failed.

Instead, Ven became the Magician after being chosen by Clavie himself. Veltaire now just reluctantly works as the Order's underling. The Order operates logically without feeling, but after gaining a humanoid form, Veltaire gained emotions that he can't fight against.

Tactics and Abilities

Although Veltaire is basically a failed attempt at recreating Clavie, he still has inherited many of Clavie's traits. He's fearsomely intelligent, and the only thing stopping him from using his cunning for questionable things is his naturally kind heart. He also wants to prove the utilitarian Natural Order wrong and achieve results his own way.

  • Teleportation: The ability to teleport to mostly anywhere in the 13th world only, including a pocket dimension where he can talk to the Natural Order of the 13th World.





Veltaire approaches Anholly in order to observe and see if she's suitable for a certain role, but becomes attracted to her genuine kindness. He starts to feel increasingly guilty about why he's actually there...



Looking After from Afar

Anholly's reincarnation who Veltaire watches over when he can. For her sake and all other living beings in the 13th world, Veltaire searches for a meaningful, everlasting peace.




The creater of the MO universe who Veltaire was modeled after. Despite being an inferior version of him, Veltaire feels no ill will and just wishes to find the truth behind their worlds alongside Ven.