Bane's Comments

Ok I found this boy through the NSFW questions forum and gosh dang I love him. I couldn't post after cuz he honestly reminded the character I was gonna use faaaaar too much of his son, but dude.. A chara that I like with a full bio and library? I just hit jackpot haha. Hope you're doin' well, Hej!

Thank you so much!! It means so much to me to hear you say that; I love him a lot too. :') I'm glad you enjoyed him!

It's so interesting to hear you say that about your character's son-- I'm curious how they're similar, if you don't mind my asking!

I'm doing well; I hope you are, too! <3

He's just endearing as hell to me the heck. I'm glad he's a loved OC.

Honestly it's not as close a connection as most people could catch, but Vadim is rather... self-deprecatingly sentimental. His son will jump to the defense of people he loves and his loyalty really knows no bounds. Both are trying really hard not to fall into past mistakes - Ephram both his own and his father's. Not to mention they're both Aries, and Vadim really wonders if Ephram would have turned out just like Bane on the streets if things had gone just a little bit differently in the end. So it's more of if I hadn't have been looking at it specifically from Vadim's perspective I wouldn't have seen it, but it stopped my Cop dead in his tracks sort of thing.

And yee I'm doin' pretty well. Thank ya. <3