Drummer in Hedgemaze Expo, kind of a mess. A guy trying not to screw up a good thing.

fierce // loyal // nervous

Story: Catband
Setting: New York City, 2007
Created: 2003


Full Name Devlin Ó Rodagh Age 20 Species Human
Nicknames Bane (by peers) Birthday March 21, 1987 Gender Male
Prefers he's used to Bane Zodiac Aries Pronouns He/Him
Band Hedgemaze Expo Religion Catholic guilt Sexuality Straight
Band Role Drums Background Irish Relationship Status Single
Day Job Unemployed / subway busker Birthplace Boston, MA Living Situation In an artists' squat

"Ah, the day is yet young, my doubting friend! Beware a man who wears only one shoe!"

- Bane

The Story So Far...

Bane is spending his days as a subway busker when Jill and Amber come across him and, impressed by his skill, recruit him to be their band's drummer so they can enter the Catband battle of the bands competition. At this point Bane is homeless and trying to put his past behind him, so he is very eager to grasp this opportunity to possibly achieve something.

He loves his new friends and he wants so badly to do right by them, but life in a band offers so many distractions...

Bane is a kid who has Made Some Mistakes in his young life-- he earned that nickname-- but now he's eager to prove himself. He's impulsive, has poor judgment, trusts probably the wrong people, and puts himself in bad situations without thinking it through first. He doesn't want to be a screwup anymore, so he's constantly trying to avoid screwing up, which, of course, leads him to screw up.

He never forgets what anyone does for him and will defend his friends to the end of the earth, which makes him far too eager to take it outside and much too likely to get his ass handed to him in a fight, but he would do it again for any of his friends in a moment. He's forgiving, as he knows everyone makes mistakes, but wary and skeptical and afraid of falling back into his old life.

Overall, he's loyal, fierce, and wild-- and unintentionally dramatic-- and he's trying so hard.

Finest Moment

Bane once drove a friend to the hospital who had overdosed.

Lowest Low

He spent the night in a tree once trying to avoid a police search.

Height: 6'0"/183cm Build: Skinny
Eyes: Blue Hair: Dyed blue (from blond), straight
Handedness: Right Style: Whatever's available

Bane is tall, skinny, and always at least a little banged-up looking. He has a cauliflower ear (his left), blue eyes, and roughly-cut bright blue hair Luke talked him into.

For clothes, everything (the little he has) is too big and kind of shabby, but he's usually wearing an old denim jacket and green sneakers. His favorite shirt is one for his friend's band, Poultrygeist.

Bane's arms are usually covered, but if they're not, you'll see that he has a number of bad tattoos. They're all teenage stick-and-pokes, mostly from friends from his years on the road, and his regret about the less tasteful ones is why he covers his arms when he's trying to make a good impression on people. Some of Bane's tattoos are more meaningful to him, though: the "NOT YET" on his upper right arm, a ribbon with "I have seen worse sights than this" (a line from The Odyssey) on his left, and the bad luck symbols on the backs of both hands. The words "BAD LUCK" across his knuckles were his first tattoos, a wry reminder of the effect he feels he has on other people's lives.

Bane tends to wax poetic-- as in actually make up poetry-- when he's nervous, which is often. He's a high school dropout, but he liked English class, and he's interested in Greek myths. He's liable to use them in analogies, whether he remembers them right or not. Bane's favorite high school teacher introduced him to Homer, and for a guy who doesn't read much and frequently misplaces his few belongings, he has actually managed to keep his copy-- stolen from the school library-- of The Odyssey safe with him over the years. The book is important to him, because Odysseus's journey reminds him of the struggles he's gone through in his own life.

Bane is very afraid of bugs, especially beetles or anything with pincers, and he is not ashamed to make one of the girls in the band deal with a scary bug while he hides. Heto, on the other hand, would tease him about it before eating the bug, but hey, the job's done either way.

Bane's a Red Sox fan, but he hasn't actually had a chance to watch a game in a while. He still can hardly believe that the Sox finally "reversed the curse" in 2004, and that World Series was one of the greatest joys he had during some tough times.

He has a skateboard... sometimes. Where did he leave it, again? Bane doesn't know how to do any fancy tricks, not well, but he noodles around with it all the time (at least during the times when he hasn't misplaced it).


He loves Star Wars and has a Mandalorian skull (as seen on Boba Fett's armor) sticker on the side of his bass drum.

Bane is an intense drummer, like Steve Moore, the drummer at the wrong gig, or Sebastien Schultz (formerly of Bad Veins). Even when he's not drumming, he's animated, and gesticulates wildly. He's fidgety, jumpy, and paces a lot. He's often holding a pair of drumsticks and messing around with them, or tapping his thighs or other surfaces when he isn't.

He sings or talks to himself when he's nervous but should definitely not be allowed near a microphone.

At the start of the comic, he's busking in the subway for cash, either with his "Frankenstein's kit" or with buckets. He can't seem to hold onto equipment, so his drumkit is in a shambles and the pieces of it are constantly changing.

He loves Irish punk bands like Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly, as well as metal and punk in general.

Guilty Pleasure

He thinks "Sk8er Boi" is catchy.


Mitzy Bandmate

Jill, Amber, and Mitzy are the other members of his band, Hedgemaze Expo. He and Mitzy might not be the best influence on each other, but they've become good friends, and she's become eager to make him her partner in crime with her "investigations."


Jill Bandmate

Jill is the front woman of Hedgemaze Expo, and along with Amber, one of the two who asked him to join the band. He's very grateful to them for taking a chance on him, and would do anything for his new friends.


Amber Bandmate

Amber is the guitarist of the band. He and Amber get along particularly well, and chat about music together.


Kaji Father Figure / Housemate

Bane lives in an artist's squat with Luke (CHIEF), Lance, and Heto. Kaji helped Bane a lot when he first came to the squat, and has become protective of Bane in a fatherly way. Bane tries to make him proud-- or at least not ashamed.


Luke Housemate

Luke is one of the other members of the artist's squat, and along with Kaji he's the other "leader" there-- although Luke's idea of keeping order is a lot more chaotic. He and Bane are friends, even if Luke's schemes sometimes make Bane nervous.


Lance Housemate

Lance is another member of the artist's squat. He and Bane are good friends and joke around together often.


Heto Housemate

Heto is the youngest member of the squat, younger than Bane by only a year, and they share a lot in common, although their paths have somewhat diverged since coming to New York. They're close friends, even if their personalities are quite different, and the two of them often go to Union Square Park to busk and sell art together.


Thomas Friend

Thomas is a good-- if unlikely-- friend of Bane's, and he and his wife let Bane come over to their apartment for a shower and a hot meal when he needs one.

Pet's Name: French Fry Species: Dog
Sex: Male Breed: Terrier mix

French Fry is a dog Bane "owns", though it's probably more accurate to say that the two are just a couple of strays who pal around together. French Fry follows Bane around and sits with him when he busks, and he likes to hang around with Lance when he works in the squat's garden. You could say he's the squat's guard dog, but he's too quiet and friendly for that, probably.

French Fry is a rough-and-tumble terrier mutt with scruffy, curly tan fur, and three legs (he's missing the left rear one).

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